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Tweet Greg Mike is an artist that was born in the 80’s to an artistic family. He grew up  in the northeast and was immediately drawn to graffiti skateboarding in New York City. This was where he drew his inspiration from and it can be seen in his artwork.. Enjoy 🙂

10 Tips for Better Print Style Sheets

Tweet “Print style sheets have been somewhat forgotten, and yet they remain important all the same. Many people print out articles to read while traveling or when they have no access to the Internet…In this article we’ll point out 10 easy tips that will help you create better print style sheets” …

Freebie: Light Textures

Tweet Today’s freebie = 2 sets of awesome light textures! Enjoy 🙂

5 tools for Web Designing

Tweet Pic from “… A number of tools are used by web designers to craft the most creative and professional looking websites within hours” …

117 Funniest Creative Job and Recruitment Ads

Tweet We all know how taxing, frustrating, and mundane searching for a job can be.  Or maybe once in a while we need a push of encouragement to leave the comfort zone of the job we have, to go after more.  The following ads do a wonderful job inspiring, motivating while all the while being 

20 of the World’s Most Beautiful Chocolate Package Designs

Tweet Here are 20 exquisite examples of chocolate packaging from around the world…

35 Useful Adobe Illustrator Tutorials for 3D Artwork

Tweet “Adobe Illustrator is [the] best vector illustration application. Using Illustrator you can create cutting edge graphics and give your artworks 3D effect[s] too… In this post I have collected 35 Useful Adobe Illustrator tutorials for 3D artwork” …

Joomla Showcase: 44 Beautiful Joomla Website Designs

Tweet ” If you are a Joomla designer and [have been] scratching your head for new Joomla design[s], then you [have] reached the right place. Today, we are going to share 44 beautiful Joomla designs that may inspire you”…

Fireworks vs Photoshop Compression

Tweet “Did you know that Fireworks is way better than Photoshop in term[s] of image compression”?

15 Invoicing Tips for Designers and Freelancers

Tweet “Most designers don’t particularly enjoy the financial side of running a business, but handling it properly is a necessary part of being a freelancer or running a design agency. The financial side of the business includes invoicing clients, and in this article we’ll look at some tips and best practices for invoicing”…