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Ridiculously Talented Graphic Designer Nik Ainley

Tweet Nik Ainley (as some of you may know) is a ridiculously talented and gifted graphic designer from the UK. He is self taught and taught himself how to use Photoshop as well as a couple other programs while attaining a degree in Physics at the Imperial College in London…

Freebie: 8 Big Sky/Cloud Textures

Tweet Today’s freebie consists of 8 beautiful, big sky and cloud textures.. Enjoy! 

30 Most Awesome Apple Inspired Concept Designs

Tweet Apple fans share their incredible enthusiasm for the brand by pouring their creativity into the following 30 outstanding and entertaining design concepts…

Letter from a Coder to a (Bad) Designer

Tweet “It’s not needed  for a designer to be an expert at coding but it is important to know the basics.  By knowing the basics you can make the workflow between different parts of the project more efficient.  When a designer (that doesn’t code) at least has the coder in mind he/she designs differently, utilizing

What is Your Twitter Account Worth?

Tweet Have u ever wondered how much your Twitter account was worth? Ever even thought about it?… Well now you’ve thought about it and now you can find out! 😉

45+ Incredible jQuery Plugins That Make Images more Dynamic and Elegant

Tweet jQuery Plugins make web pages more sleek and user friendly by adding effects (like the ability to zoom in on pics), that add convenience and beauty.  The following are 45 outstanding plugins that are sure to add elegance to your web pages…

9 Ways to Get Your Design Profile Seen

Tweet If you’re a designer the most important thing to have is exposure so people know about your abilities. You can have all the talent in the world but if nobody knows about it, at the end of the day it means nothing from a financial standpoint…  The following are 9 great tips to help

6 Places to Make you a 3DS Max Professional

Tweet 3DS Max is a full featured comprehensive 3D modeling, animation and rendering software used by leaders in film, video and game development.  The following article provides 6 sources to learn and improve your 3D skills…

The Wackiest and Most Creative iPhone Cases

Tweet The following are 40 incredibly creative iPhone cases you don’t want to miss!

25 Beautiful Retro Futurism Designs

Tweet Retro futurism in art is an enthusiasm for the future mixed with a blend of the past. It was quite popular for several decades beginning in the 1920’s – 1960’s. And lately it seems to be resurfacing again as one of the current trends in graphic design art.. The following 25 designs are gorgeous