Adhemas Batista-Yellow Poster

Adhemas Batista is an artist that was born in Sao Paolo City, Brazil.  He is a self-taught artist and has been involved in art since he was 15. He is well known and has won numerous accolades…

Batista has been sought out for his art by international companies such as Absolut Vodka, Adobe, Blender Magazine, Coca-Cola,  General Electric, General Motors, Havaianas, Hellmans, Honda, Microsoft, Myspace, NBC Network, Nike, Nokia, Nordstrom, Paypal, Pepsi, Philip Morris, Renault, Sony, Toyota, Tylenol, Volkswagen, Zune and many more…

Adhemas Batista 2 Purple Poster


Adhmeas Batista-two women


Adhmeas Batista-Coka Cola


Adhemas Batista-Yellow Poster



Adhemas Batista-Turqouise poster


Adhmeas Batista- Little girl sticking tongue out


Adhemas Batista- White Poster


Adhemas Batista-yellow poster with white shoes


Adhemas Batista-car with Orange background


Adhemas Batista-Deep red background poster


Adhemas Batista 14 - Man blowing colors


Adhemas Batista-woman blowing out colorful shapes


Adhemas Batista - Zune advertisement


Adhemas Batista - Beige poster with woman


Adhemas Batista - Swirls by feet


Adhemas Batista - Green fields


Adhemas Batista - Little girl blowing shapes


Adhemas Batista - Woman listening to ipod


Adhemas Batista - Woman looking over her shoulder


Adhemas Batista - Nude woman with back to camera


Adhemas Batista - Pink feel the colors poster w cigarette


Adhemas Batista - orange, purple, and turquoise flower bouquet


Adhemas Batista - Dragon swirls around woman's waist


Adhemas Batista - brite colored poster witih woman's drawn face


Pic of artist Adhemas Batista

For more on Adhemas Batista’s art visit

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