DENIM HEAVEN: Denim Textures, Tutorials, Brushes, and Icons

Pic of grungy like jeans texture

By Semhal N.

Denim galore: In today’s post we have tons of awesome free denim textures, tutorials, brushes, and icons! ๐Ÿ˜€


Awesome Denim Textures

Freebie: Denim Textures –

Denim Texture Pack by powerpuffjazz

Denim Texture Pack by

Fabric Textures Pack by Fudgegraphics

Fabric Textures Pack by

Jean Texture by drop of flight

Texture Jean by

Denim Texture Stock by Orangen Stock

Denim Texture by

Textures by Raikko - Gray Denim

Texture 23 by

Brownish Denim Texture 24 by Raikko

Texture 24 by

 Different colored 10 Denim Textures by KiwiRose Stock

10 Denim Textures by Kiwirose

Denim backside pocket

Free Texture Tuesday Denim –

Denim Pocket

19 High Resolution Textures on

Pic of Six Revisions Denim

20 High Resolution Denim Textures on

Pic of grungy like jeans texture

10 High Quality Jeans Textures –



Illustrator tutorial on how to create a blue jean texture with stitching.

How to Create Denim Texture Using Adobe Illustrator –



Dark Blue Denim Levi's Texture

Tutorial – Realistic Denim Texture –

Light blue jeans texture

Jean Cloth –

Pic of Denim Business Card

Tutorial – Design a Jeans Style Business Card –

Photoshop Denim Tutorial –

Frayed Denim patch w stitches

Tutorial – Frayed Denim Patch with Stitches –

Brite Blue Denim pic

Tutorial – Denim in Photoshop –

Denim stitched letter R

Create a Cool and Realistic Denim Textured Typography –

Pic of Denim Made in Gimp

Tutorial – Creating Denim in Gimp –

Pic of a pair of jeans created in GIMP

Tutorial – Denim Jeans tutorial Usingย  Gimp –

Pic of porfolio layout made from jeans

Tutorial -Portfolio Layout Created with Jeans Texture –



Color Me Blue Jeans Brushes by LemurScreech

Color Me Blue Jeans Brushes by


Pic of Ripped Torn Jeans Brush Pack

25 Ripped Torn Jeans Brushes –




Denim RSS Feed Icons

Free Jeans RSS Icons –

Denim pocket social icons - each icon is sitting in a denim pocket

Jeans Pocket Social Media Icons –

Jeans/Denim Social Media Icon Set

Jeans Social Media Icon Set –

Pic of High Res Denim Social Media Icons

108 High Resolution Dark Denim Social Media Icons –

Dark blue denim icons with dark brown stiching

Stitched Denim Blue Jeans Social Media Logos –



Dark Denim Website



Dark denim apple wallpaper

Denim Wallpaper –

Dark blue denim wordpress theme

Jeans Template –

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