60+ Effective, Professional, and Stylish Vehicle Wraps, and Tutorials

Car Wrap 38

By Semhal N.

This post includes numerous examples of car wraps (and a few vinyls) followed by tutorials and tips…. The business of vehicle wrapping is an exploding market.  It is an outstanding form of advertising for companies and businesses because it is a mobile 24/7 form of advertisement…

It is pretty much a moving billboard and even though the economy is tough, it is actually very cost effective. When you consider how many hours each day each person uses some form of transportation, it only makes great sense that vehicle wrapping can be a great investment.

It’s important to note that while it’s important to grab attention a vehicle wrap should not be too flashy as this can be dangerous and lead to accidents

We took it upon ourselves to explore this outlet available to graphic designers and while there weren’t too many articles and tutorials from the designers perspective, we included several articles and videos that outline and show the process. Our attempt with this post is to also remind fellow graphic designers out there that there are many outlets for graphic design, not just the usual brochures, websites, flyers and, magazines etc talked about…

We found the most important thing when designing a wrap is to constantly communicate with your printer about how to do things best.  They can offer a wealth of advice and guidance through out every step …




Car Wrap 1



Car Wrap 2


Car Wrap 3


Car Wrap 13


Car Wrap 14


Car Wrap 15



Car Wrap 17


Car Wrap 19


Car Wrap 20


Car Wrap 21


Car Wrap 22



Car Wrap 5



WrapCar Wrap 6


Car Wrap 7


Truck with Royal Crown WrapCar Wrap 8


Car Wrap 9


Car Wrap 10


Car Wrap X




Car Wrap 23

Car Wrap 24

Car Wrap 25

Car Wrap 26

Car Wrap 27

Car Wrap 28

Car Wrap 29


Car Wrap 32


Car Wrap 34

Car wrap 35


Car Wrap 38

Car Wrap 37


Car Wrap 39


Car Wrap 41

Car Wrap 42

Car Wrap 43

Car Wrap 44



Car Wrap 11



Car Wrap 12



Wrap 45


Car Wrap 46


Car Wrap 48


Car Wrap 49


Car Wrap 50


Car Wrap 51


Car Wrap 52





Car Wrap 53


Car Wrap 54


Car Wrap 55


Car wrap 56


Car Wrap 57


Car Wrap 58


Car Wrap 59


Car Wrap 60


Car Wrap 61


Car Wrap 62


Car Wrap 63


Car Wrap 64


Car Wrap 65


Car Wrap 66


Car Wrap 67


Car Wrap 68


Car Wrap 70


Car Wrap 71


Tour BusCar Wrap 72


Car Wrap 73


Car Wrap 74


Car Wrap 75


Car Wrap 76


Car Wrap 77


Car Wrap 78


Car Wrap 79


Car Wrap 80


Car Wrap 81



Car Wrap 82



Dr. Best bus wrap



One Fine Day Photography car wrap

Car wrap Vehicle Design – continue on Justcreativedesign.com


Vehicle Wrap created w no template

Designing a Vehicle Wrap in Photoshop with out a Template – Continue on Vehiclewrapprofessional.com



carphotos.cardomain -Vehicle Wrap

The Right Way to Design Vehicle Wraps – Continue on Ezinearticles.com



Signals-vga.co.uk -vinyl-application-ferrari-car-wrap

How to Design the Perfect Vehicle Wrap – Continue on Marketingservicestalk.com

CutContour Live Text in Illustrator

Cut Contour Live Text in Illustrator – continue on Blogcatalog.com

Viewing the application process:






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