WATER WORLD: Water Tutorials, Inspiration, Textures, Brushes, and Icons

Blue underwater with light rays beaming through

By Semhal N.

We scoured the web and came up with the following best water tutorials, inspirational artworks, textures, and brushes… ENJOY! 😀


Blue underwater with light rays beaming through

35 Awesome Photoshop Water Effect Tutorials and Brush Collections –  Tripwiremagazine.com

Water effect montage with water body parts

58 Amazing Water Photoshop Tutorials – Photoshopwebsite.com

Underwater scene with Shark

17 Underwater Effects with Photoshop – Designbeep.com

Water Vector Tutorial pic

Create a Water Texture in Illustrator – Vectips.com

Blue water splash

40 Water Brushes, Textures, Wallpapers, and Photoshop Tutorials – Bluefaqs.com

Light blue "water" drop text

Design a Super Sleek Text Effect with Water Drop Texture – Psdvault.com

Water drops on blue background

Water Drops in Photoshop in 5 Minutes – Abduzeedo.com

Water droplets on leaves

Effect of Water Drops Using Photoshop – Stylewebdesignusa.com

Water Castle Landscape

Fantastic Water Landscape – Alfoart.com

Reflection of woman in water

Photoshop Water Reflection – Webdesign.org

Mountain with reflection in water

Photoshop Water Tutorial – Secondpicture.com





Frisk Design homepage

Water and Aqua Modern Web Design Examples – Ultimatesmashing.com

Beach looking website

12 Water Inspired Web Desigins – Youthedesigner.com

Aqua blue waters and sky

35 Beautiful Water Themed Web Designs for Inspiration – Sixrevisions.com

Lake in midst of green land

20 Inspirational Wet Web Designs Making Heavy Use of Water -Tripwiremagazine.com




Dirty green water texture with ripples

10 Free Dirty Green Water Grungy Textures – Littleboxofideas.com

Pool water texture with ripples

Texture Gallery: Water, Ice, Drops, Liquids – Smashingmagazine.com

Wild creek water texture

6 Free Water Texture Texutre Pack – Highresolutiontextures.com

Water waves

8 Free Water Textures – Tutorialfreakz.com

Water boat trail splashes

Free “Water Splashes” High Resolution Textures – Marcofolio.net

Water textures

4 Water Textures by Elithastock.deviantart.com




32 water splash photoshop brushes

Water Splash Free PHotoshop Brushes – 32 Free Brushes – Creamtemplate.com

36 water brushes

Water Photoshop Brushes – Redheadstock.deviantart.com

Water Brushes

Water II Photoshop Brushes – Redheadstock.deviantart.com

Rain brushes

Weather Photoshop Brushes – Getbrushes.com

Water ripple brush set

Ripple Brush Set – Brushking.eu

Rain brushes

Rain Brushes – Elizavetbrushes.deviantart.com

Wet fluid brushes

Wet Fluid Brush Set – Brushking.eu

Waterfall brushes

Waterfall Brushes – Brusheezy.com





Woman made out of water laying next to VOSS water

Web Picks #2: Water – Abduzeedo.com




Gorgeous dark wooden bridge across turqoise waters leading to wooden hut/structure

60 Water Scenes Desktop Wallpapers – Designyourway.net




Blue social media icons with water droplets on them

Blue Chrome Rain Icons – Webtreatsetc.deviantart.com

Blue and turquoise colored water droplet

Blue Water Droplet Icon – Psdgraphics.com


  1. By Semhal Nasreddin

  2. By Kiran

  3. By Semhal Nasreddin

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