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Metal Resources Pack

By Semhal N.

Today we present metal mania, aka metal mayhem, aka all the metal you could ever want and need.  We have every link you could ever need to free textures, tutorials, patterns, brushes, gradients, and even metal art. (In a related topic you may also want to check out RUSTY RUST which is an article that contains everything rust).. Enjoy! 🙂



Metal Resources Pack

35 Metal Brushes Textures, Wallpapers and Photoshop Tutorials –

Metal Weeved Texture

50 Free Metal Textures –

Rusting and peeling metal

50 Hi Res Metal Textures –

Yellow Scratched Metal

50 Free Rusted Metal Texture Backgrounds –

Metal Jagged Little Wheel

High Quality Metal Textures –

Diff Metal Textures

Metal Textures –

Rusted metal nuts on metal

60+ Totally Free Rusted Metal Textures –

Gray Metal

Freebie: Metal Texture Pack –

Tileable Metal Textures

8 Tileable Texture and Pattern Set –

Peeling Light Gray Metal

Free High Quality Grunge Metal Textures –

Green Grungy Metal

Metal Texture Library –

Different Colored Metal Texture Pack

Metal Texture Pack – 47 Free Images –

Car Metal Textures

1000+ Free Metal Texures for 2D and 3D Designs –

Rounded Square Metal

Textures – Metal – Aluminum, bronze, gold, copper, brass, silver, Steel Maps and Structures –

Rusted Metal

Free Metal Texutures –

Green Rusty Metal

Grunge Textures-Free Metal Textures –

Metal Equipment

Texture Gallery – Metal, Rust , Industrial –

Black Diamond Studded Metal

Free Texture Tuesday: Metal –

Metal Nuts

Nuts Transparent PNGS –




Whtie Star on Grungy Metal

Tutorial – Grungy Metal Texture –

Brushed Metal in Illustrator

Create a Brushed Metal Texture in Illustrator –

Metal Textures Pattern Brushes Written on Metal

30 High Quality Metallic Textures, Patterns, Brushes and Photoshop Tutorials –

Metal RSS Buttons

Create a Metallic RSS Feed Button in Photoshop –

Gray Brushed Metal Texture

Photoshop Tutorial – Metal Texture –

Silver metal with stains

Metal Texture –

Golden aging metal texture

Photoshop -How to Age Metal Texures –

Stainless Steel Written on Brushed Metal

Design Realistic Stainless Steel Background and Text –

Hand Painted Metal Pattern

How to Hand Paint Convincing Metal Textures –

PSD written in eroded metal

How to Create Eroded Metal Text with Photoshop –

Photoshop 3D Text Written in Metal

How to Create High Quality Metal 3D Text in Photoshop –

Brushed metal surface with heart in middle

Create a Cool Brushed Metal Surface –

Brushed Aluminum Tut

How to Create Brushed Aluminum –

Textured Metallic Background

Photoshop Tutorial – Metallic Background –


Red Rusty Metal

Creating a Rusty Surface Texture –

Grungy metal Transformers logo

Making of Metallic Transformers Logo –

Grungy poster with Metal Typo - PSD Vault

Design a Grunge-Style Abstract Typography with Rusted Metal Texture –

Chrome Metal Text

Create a Chrome Metal Text Effect –

Diamond Plated Brushed Metal

Diamond Plated Brushed Metal –

Metal Cracks

Create Cracks in Metal –

Lorelei's Brushed Metal Surface

Design a Quick Brushed Metal Interface –

'Stop' written on diamond studded metal

Polished Metal Text effect –

579 Written in Metal

Grungy Metal Text Effect –

Awesome Written in Metal

Metal Text Under 12 O’Clock Spot Light –

3D layered text effect

3D Layered Text Effect –


Metal Photoshop text tutorial. The word says' 'EPIC' and has a shiny 80's metal effect to it.

Recreate the Epic 80’s Metal Text Effect in Photoshop –


Metal text effect tutorial. It says 'Dd' in old faded looking metal pieces with bolts in them. And the background looks like a peeling, cracking, old, faded wall with white paint splatters on it.

Create a Retro Metal Text Poster in Photoshop –


Pic of video tutorial on how to create metal drop in Photoshop

Create Liquid Metal Drops in Photoshop –

Our Tuts Engraved in Metal Plate

Create a Metal Piece with a Graved Text on it –

Rounded Sqaure Shape

Photoshop Metal Shape Tutorial –

BioRust Tuts Metallic Pill Button

Create a Metallic Pill Button –

Brushed Metal Round Piece

Brushed Metal –

Metal Website Navigation Menu

Create a Metal Menu –

3 Metal Plates Stacked on top of each other

Interface Metal Plates – Continue on

Smooth Metal device

Smooth Metal  in Photoshop –

Scratched Metal Surface

Photoshop Metal Texture –

Metal Plate with Four Screws

Metal Plate and Screws –

Gray Brushed Metal Texture

Metal Texture Photoshop Tutorial –

S Written in Metal Text Effect

Metal Text Tutorial –



Youtube Metal Texture Photoshop

How to Create a Metal Texture –




Metal Patterns

Metal Pattern Package –


Metal pattern set with 3 different colored metal patterns. One is silver-ish, the other is bronze, and the third one is a dark gray metal.

Metal Pattern 2.0 by


Four Metal Mesh Patterns

Metal Mesh Patterns for Photoshop –


Metal patterns that are 8 different dark metal grids.

8 Dark Metal Grid Patterns –

Photoshop pattern set that has different kinds of metal mesh patterns and sizes.

Metal Mesh Patterns Pack 1 –



Metal Patterns

Metal Photoshop Patterns –




Photoshop metal layer style. It says 'Spoon' in a metallic effect.

Metal Text Effect Photoshop Layer Style –

Metal style set that has different colored metal styles.

Metal Text Effects

Metal Style that is grungy and rusty looking.

Grunge layer Style 2




Spiderman Pattern Brushes

Spiderman Pattern – Free  Photoshop Brushes –

Metal Airplane Part

12 Free Metal Photoshop Brushes Set –

Rivets and metal brushes

Arc’s Rivets and Metal Brushes –

Rusty Metal Brushes

Photoshop Rusty Metal Brushes –





Metal gradients with blood like stains on pic

Metallic Gradients Pack –

Platinum Gradients

Heritage Platinum PS Gradients –

Diff Colored Metal Gradients

Metal Gradients –



6 circle shaped Adobe icons with metal rim

Metallic Adobe CS Icons –

Round metal social media buttons

Silver Button Social Media –

Black inlay on steel social media icons

108 Black Inlay on Steel Social Media Icons –

Round squared social media icon sets

Freebie! 30 Fresh Social Media Icons –

Metal looking round social icons

Ultra Glossy Silver Icons –

Social icons each on a piece of riveted metal

Free Set of Social Media Icons –

Circle shaped social media icons with chrome ring around

Free Social Media Icons –

Silver metal social icons

Simple Glossy Silver Social Media Icons –





Creature made out of metal

30 Awesome Examples of Metal Artwork –



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