Monthly Archive:: July 2010

100 Seriously Awesome Retro Wallpapers

Tweet If you’re looking for really cool wallpapers, look no further.  Here are 100 retro styled wallpapers you have to check out…

Tips for Designing for Colorblind Users

Tweet This is a great article that gives you wonderful tips on how to design for those that are colorblind. This will therefor help you you create a site that is user friendly for everybody…

51 Free Must Have Apps for Your Android Phone

Tweet Often times you see articles filled with apps for the iphone. This is a great article that includes 51 awesome apps for the Android phone …

Freebie: Grainy Whitewashed & Worn Seamless Textures and Patterns

Tweet Here is a free combo pack with faded, beautiful textures as well as corresponding Photoshop patterns free for downloading..

52 Stunning Long Exposure Photographs

Tweet The following are 52 amazing examples of the beauty of long exposure photography. Long exposure photography ‘is a technique that requires a slower shutter speed to capture light and movement’ according to Wikipedia…

Leather in Web Design: 20+ Elegant and Beautiful Examples

Tweet Leather is a very beautiful texture that can really accentuate a design.  We scoured the web and found over 20 examples of leather being used wonderfully and to varying degrees in web design. This is the first part to a 2 part series in leather. Check out Part II titled –  LEATHER: Tutorials, Textures,

Complete Guide to Tumblr

Tweet This is the complete guide to using and designing for Tumblr. Tumblr is a blogging platform that allows you to create updates like on Twitter but with no limitations to the amount of characters you use. Read on to learn more…

10 Pure CSS Alternatives Techniques to Javascript

Tweet Here are 10 great CSS alternatives to using Javascript in your web designs..

40 Bizarre and Cool Google Earth Photos

Tweet Google Earth gives you the ability to view maps, landscapes, and objects from a satellite’s point of view. Here are 40 really neat Google earth pics taken in different parts of the world..

40 Revisable Commercial After Effects Templates

Tweet After Effects is a top of the line program that creates special effects for video.  Here are 40 outstanding commercial templates you can use in your projects to give them that extra professional look…