2010 World Cup Advertising – The Ultimate Showcase

Wayne Rooney painted all in white with his arms out and a red cross painted on him with what looks like with blood

World Cup fever is definitely in full swing. The final game is just a few days away.  To celebrate this incredible event we are showcasing the best of 2010 World Cup advertising.. Enjoy! 🙂

Statue of soccer player Ronaldo standing before kicking penalty kick

Statue of soccer player after he kicks ball

Statue of soccer player kicking ball

Statue of Soccer player (Drogba) scoring goal

Statue of soccer player trying to score on goalie

Australian soccer player playing soccer with a tiger

Australian player playing soccer with rhinocerous

Black and white photo ad with soccer ball made out of cloth materials by boy with tattered shoes feet

Black and white photo ad of boy standing on tall tree to watch soccer game

Black and white photo ad of resting bare feet next to cloth soccer ball

Dutch supporters wearing orange t-shirts over their heads with soccer players faces on inside

man in crowd of people watching soccer game with the colors of his country splashed all around him

Wayne Rooney painted all in white with his arms out and a red cross painted on him with what looks like with blood

Virgin Atlantic ad with guys arms outstretched and tshirt over his head like airplane

Young woman with red t-shirt over her head, with white bra and arms out stretched

Family of mongoose standing with hands covering croches like soccer players before penalty kick

Brazilian soccer player holding book up to his face and reading about world cup history

Huge Kentucky Fried bucket shaped like world cup trophy on soccer filed with soccer player running

Soccer players standing with one in front carrying glowing trophy

Australian soccer player yelling with different colored rays around him

Soccer player kicks ball into rock wall shaped like Adidas logo

Spanish soccer player in red jersey and blue shorts juggling ball against black background

Nike ad - black poster with stick figure soccer player in red and white soccer ball

2 Hyundai cars covered with grass and huge soccer balls on hood of cars

black and white piece of paper with soccer ball pattern next to one converted into soccer ball

Drawing of soccer ball. There's a broken pencil pieces next to drawing and artists fingers are soccer players leg

Soccer players on knewws with his chest facing sky and red gold and green streaks plus ball shooting out

Soccer player's leg and ball sticking out of billboard

Billboard of goalie diving for soccerball that's coming out of billboardPoster of player kicking soccer game at you and ball looks like it comes out of poster

Beer poured in glass that looks like world cup glass

Nike Italian with soccer player made out of clay with ball next to espresso coffee

Nike Italian ad/painting with soccer player holding huge spoon in one hand and icecream in the other

Nike Italian drawing of green guy with green bedroom dresser on him

Nike Italian ad with fork and spaghetti around it

Nike Italian art piece of soccer player running with ball with gears all around him

Nike Italian ad of painting of soccer player playing in green fields

Nike Italian poster of soccer player on moped

ESPN poster of pic of Africa with world cup trophy coming out of South Africa

South African player blowing vuvuzela and wearing hat with world cup trophy and other memorabilia on top

Soccer player carrying red and white Nigerian flag sitting on green eagle that has a ball in it's claws

Brazilian soccer player Kaka holding star in his outstretched arm and crowds standing behind him celebrating

3 soccer players from the Ivory Coast on stereotypically on 3 elephants

4 soccer players on pyramid with coach behind them with his hands up as they all face crowd below

Soccer player with red flag in his hand and sword in other like matadore as bulls approach him

Soccer player with arms crossed and green olive branch in each hand

Soccer player running on field carrying red, yellow, and green Ghanian flag with black star

2 soccer players dressed like gladiators in arena battling elephant and lion with world cup trophy behind

3 soccer players carrying country of Honduras with sunshining behind

Painting of American soccer team rowing boat in ocean with flag blowing and around shoulders of one player

4 soccer players taking off straight up from the Netherlands with red and blue capes on

German soccer player with arms outstretched like eagle and german colors below him

Man with arm outstretched with huge folded swiss knife in his hand and soccer team standin on it. White snowy alps behind

3 soccer players on field dancing with one in front and 2 behind and crowd behind in stands

Huge yellow sun with man's face holding trophy in each hand and blue skies behind

Tiger running on Korean flag w bars across

Servian soccer player carrying shield in one hand and sword in the other on white snowy mountain with brown slain bear behind

Soccer player standing on land shaped like Serbia with hands on hips and 2 white doves flying around him

Soccer player with arms folded kicking ball with 10 legs

Soccer player flying on winged horse with red star behind

Masked warrior with Japanese flag behind him

Huge images of soccer player in red and coach in blue overlooking 4 soccer players on field

Soccer player with one foot on soccer ball and 4 lions standing behind him - 2 on left, 2 on right

Player running down field with a glow around his head and around soccer ball he's kicking

Soccer goalie holding Algerian flag above his head sitting on fence with players below him cheering and crowd behind him cheering

Guy that's top half soccer player bottom half kangaroo standing on field with crowd behind him

Danish soccerplayers with coach in front and words 'Olsen's Eleven' below them

3 English soccer players with ropes around their waists are draggin the date'66 with crowds standing behind and watching them

World Cup count down board in Hong Kong with hours, minutes, seconds

Huge adidas soccer ball

World Cup Trophy as big as building it's standing next to

World Cup billboard with soccer player kicking ball

Huge Adidas ball shaped structure

Girl with Brazil t-shirt

Ad for Italy with woman wearing blue hat that says italia and bandana with Italian colors around her neck

Man with German flag wrapped around him

Huge billboard of soccer goalie stretching over road

Huge billboard of back of soccer goalie stretching over road

Bus stop shaped like soccer goal with poster of beer

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