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3D Wooden wallpaper

To all the designers out there, here are all the wood textures, tutorials, brushes, patterns, icons, wallpapers and art you will ever need. Hope you find what you are looking for! And all the best of luck 🙂


Rough textured blonde wood

Very Handy Cool Wood Textures – Abduzeedo.com

Goldenish wood with 'Wood Textures' written on it in black

10 Beautiful Free Wood Textures for Your Designs – Psdvibe.com

Orange colored wood pannels

Wood Textures  – Flickr.com

Dark gray wood

Photoshop Textures Wood  20 – Arsgrafik.com

Gray wooden panneled floor

Free Hi Res Texture Wood 9 – Arsgrafik.com

Dark blue wood panneled floor

Photoshop Textures Wood 17 – Arsgrafik.com

Wood tree stump rings

Free Photoshop Texture Wood 12 – Arsgrafik.com

Free Hi Resolution Wood Textures – Bittbox.com

Blonde colored splintered wood pannels

10 Free Wood Textures in High Resolution – Graphictutorials.net

View of stacks of pinkish colored rectanglar cut wood

100 High Quality Wood Textures for Web Designers – Freelancereview.net

6 Different colored weathered textures - gray, amber, grayish brown, pale brown, and very light brown

Six Wood Textures – Lostandtaken.deviantart.com

Silver text saying 'Wood textures for Designers' on dark wood

28 High Resolution Wood Textures for Designers – Hongkiat.com



15 different colored wood textures

Textures Wood – Onecoldcanadian.deviantart.com



Textures Snow and Wood – Onecoldcanadian.deviantart.com



Gray wood texturesPainted Wood Textures – Scout78.deviantart.com



Dark wood textures

Dark Wood Texture Pack – Cloaks.deviantart.com



Pics of different tree bark textures

200 Excellent Free High Quality Tree Bark Textures – Blueblots.com

Reddish colored wooden panels

Bruised Red Wood – Crimson-designs.deviantart.com


6 rectangular shots of diff colored tree bark textures

15 Free and High Quality Tree Wood Textures – Smashingapps.com



Different wood textures with 'Free Wood Textures' wirtten on top

1000+ Free Wood Textures of High Quality – Bestdesignoptions.com

Wood with blue paint chipping off

45 Free Wood Textures – Vandelaydesign.com/blog


Golden wood basket weave material

Free Wood Textures – Tutorialfreakz.com

Whole assortment of diff colored wooden rectangles in square

Graphicssoft.about.com – Wood Pattern Textures

Gray, red, and yellow wood with 'Wooden Texture Packs' from DeviantArt written on them

70 Awesome Wooden Texture Packs from DeviantArt – Acrisdesign.com

Red weathered looking wood

80+ Free High Quality Wooden Texture Packs – Chethstudios.net


Make Wood Background in Photoshop – Webdesign.org

Grayish blond colored wood

Photoshop Tutorial Wood- Tutorialwiz.com

Golden wooden vector frame

How to Create an Art Gallery Frame in Vector –  Vector.tutsplus.com

Orangish colored wood

Photoshop Wood Texture – Tutorio.com


Golden wood

Making Wood: A Photoshop Tutorial – Myjanee.com



PSDTUTS (written in red and white ) WOOD (written in black) on light brown wood

The Ultimate Wood Texture Tutorial – Psd.tutsplus.com


Portfolio layout with reddish wood

Create a Portfolio Layout with Wood Background in Photoshop – Psdburn.com

Light colored wood frame around painting

How to Illustrate a Wooden Frame on a Wall Scene – Psd.tutsplus.com

Blonde colored wood with star drawn and PsHero writtten with dark and golden brown color

Wood Inlay Text – Pshero.com

Beech colored wood with 'wanted dead or alive' written in dark brown ..

How to Put Smokin’ Bullet Holes and a Wanted Sign into a Piece of Wood – Psd.tutsplus.com

Man's growling face coming out of tree bark

How to Apply Textures to Uneven Surfaces – Psd.tutsplus.com

Wooden Wine glass cup

How to Render a Dramtic 3D Wood Cup in Photoshop – Pixel2life.com

10 steps.sg written in blonde wood over grungy background

Wooden Text Effect in Photoshop – 10steps.sg

Light brown vector wood texture

Create a Wood Grain Texture in llustrator – Vectips.com

Wood panneled floor

Create a Wood Background in Photoshop – Denisdesigns.com

Picture of Adobe Illustrator tutorial on creating a Western style sign with type. It is beech colored wood and has 'THE WESTERN BAR AND GRILL' carved into it.

How to Create a Western Type Treatment in Ilustrator – vector.tutsplus.com



Brown wooden bin with Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver icons in it

Create a Wooden Bin Icon – Childmonster.com


Picture of wood house icon tutorial. Looks like a birdhouse.

Create a Wooden House Icon in Photoshop – psd.tutsplus.com

 Wood Photoshop tutorial on how to create a burnt wood effect.

Tutorial – Burnt Wood Text Effect – Visualswirl.com




Wood carvings brush pack

Free High Res Wood Carvings Brush Pack – Sixrevisions.com

Amber colored wood background

15 Weathered Wood Photoshop Brushes – Psd.tutsplus.com

Amber colored knot patterned wood

200+ Wood Photoshop Brushes – Photoshopwebsite.com

Red Wood panelled floor

Wood Floor Texture Brushes – Libertiny.comesting

Gray wooden surface with knots

Wood Texture Photoshop Brushes – Photoshopessentials.com

 Diff wood colors/patterns brushes

Hi Res Wood Brush Set – Pbrushes.com

Amber colored wood

25 Wood Photoshop Brushes Volume 1  – Youthedesigner.com


Dark brown wooden pannels with metal nuts in them

Modern Wood Photoshop Pattern – Brusheezy.com





Wood Signs Vector Set – Dragonartz.wordpress.com




Wooden Social Icons on beech colored wood

Wooden Social Networking Icons by Demeters – Deviantart.com

Golden colored wood HD storage box icon

Wooden HD Storage Box by Turnpaper – Deviantart.com

Beech Light brown RSS icons

Wooden RSS Icon by Demeters – Deviantart.com

Wooden stack trash bins

Wooden Stack Trash by Daniel-Harrington – Deviantart.com

Wooden folder icons

Made of Wood – Thvg.deviantart.com

4 Different shades of Wooden RSS Icons - Red, orangish brown, darker brown, and beech
Wood RSS Icons – Webfruits.it

Icon/PSD tan colored wooden speakers

Wooden Speaker PSD Files and Icons – Graphicsfuel.com


Round yellowish wooden icons with dark brown symbols in them

27 Wooden Badges Icon Pack – Dawghousedesignstudio.com


Triangle shaped social media icons

Free Social Media Icons: Tricons – Sixrevisions.com



Medium brown background with golden brown wooden burnt looking icons

Burnt Wood: A Social Media Icon Set – Sixrevisions.com

Beech colored wooden social icons

Social Icons Made of Wood – Webtoolkit4.me

Wood Icons that are medium brown and have square shapes that are 3D looking.

Wooden Social Free Icon Set – Sixrevisions.com

Faded, beach colored, circle wooden social icons

Wooden Social Media Icons – Designersdigest.co



Medium colored social icons

Glossy Waxed Wood Social Networking Icons – Webtreats.mysitemyway.com


Light brown/orangish colored wood social icons

50 Free Wood Textured Social Media Icons – Creativenerds.co.uk


Orangish wooden social icons

Glossy Waxed Wood Icons – Icons.mysitemyway.com

Wood leopard/Adobe icons

Wood Leopard Folders + Extras by Lenbom – Deviantart.com

Dark and blonde colored icons

Wooden Icons – Hannes-hazelnut.deviantart.com

3 rows of wooden icons

Wood Icons – Iconspedia.com

Wooden icons

Wooden by Themerboy – Deviantart.com


Wood PSD set that has horizontal, light brown, rectangle shaped icons.

 23 Wooden Style Social Icons – psdblast.com



Diff colored wood styles

Photoshop Wooden Styles – La0o0la.deviantart.com



PSD template with beech wood background

Freebie Wood Design PSD Template – Soultravelmultimedia.com

Circular patterns on wood background

Stunning Designs Using that Piece of Wood – Noupe.com

Dark orange couch with dark wood behind

30 Beautiful Wood Inspired Websites and 200+ “Woody” Resources – Desizntech.info

Website with reddish wood background

30 Most Creatively Exquisite Wood Based Websites – Soultravelmultimedia.com


Autographed and signed red and yellow Hip Hop skate decks

Really Dope Hip Hop Skateboard Graphics – Soultravelmultimedia.com


Laser cut wood skate deck with carving of person's face

Inspiring Laser Cut Skate Decks – Blogof.francescomugnai.com



Amber colored wooden shelf for i-phone

Wooden Shelf – Iphone Wallpaper by Twinware – Deviantart.com

Carving of world map on brown wood

Wooden Desk by Kampongboy92 – Deviantart.com

Golden brown apple wallpaper

MAC OS X Wooden Theme by TrevOwnz – Deviantart.com

Wooden parque floor looking desktop wallpaper

Wooden Desktop by theJoshuaproject  – Deviantart.com

Retro Wooden Wall – Kano89.deviantart.com

Voluptuous woman with back turned with just jeans on standing with medium brown wood background in front of her

Jaime Koeppe – Hardsoftgeek.com.ar

Reddish wooden iPhone wallpaper with shelves

iPhone Wallpaper 01 by Kirtan 3d – Deviantart.com

Golden wood with dark brown carving of monkey eating apple

Wooden Wallpapers – Flickr.com

3D Wooden wallpaper

Wallpaper Wood Spring – Dizorb.com

Golden honey comb looking wooden background

Simple and Beautiful Wood Texture  for Desktop Wallpaper – Superdit.com

Darkish wooden iphone wallpaper

Iphone Wooden Wallpaper by Leeislee – Deviantart.com

Wooden iphone background

Wooden Suave iPhone by Schoenemans – Deviantart.com


Orange colored Twitter background

PSD Templates Free Twitter Background Templates  – Designfreebies.org



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