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Orange brown leather texture

This is part 2 of our leather series. Last week we featured 20+ Elegant and Beautiful Leather Websites and this week we are including leather tutorials, textures, icons, styles, patterns, brushes, styles and wallpapers.. once again Enjoy! 🙂


Dark brown leather texture


Quick Tip: Create Your Won Leather Texture Using Filters – Psd.tutsplus.com

Golden leather pattern with leather engraved in it as well as intricate patterns

Leather Texture Photoshop Tutorial – Alt-web-design.com

Golden colored leather texture with dark brown writing that says 'Southern Stylin'

Leather Stylin in Illustrator – Layersmagazine.com

Medium brown colored leather belt with silver buckle

Photoshop Leather Belt Icon – Tutorialqueen.com

Red and black leather RSS Icon

Create an Awesome Lether Studded Icon in Photoshop + Free PSD + Free Icon Set – Richworks.in

Dark brown colored texture

Photoshop Leather Cover Diary – Tutorialtown.com

Medium brown colored leather briefcase icon with golden buckles

Create a Leather Textured Realistic Briefcase Icon – Psd.tutsplus.com


Reddish brown leather straps

Create a Photoshop Leather Strap Logo Icon – Tutorial-zee.com

Fuscia pinkish colored leather wallet

Photoshop Leather Wallet Technique – Tutorialqueen.com

Red and black leather wallet

Photoshop Leather Wallet – Php2k.com

Grey police badge with silver plate on it with gold star and circle enclosing red circle and silver star

Create a Stylized Vector Police Badge with Metal and Leather – Vector.tutsplus.com

Leather WWF belt with circle bronze like colored buckle

Photoshop WWF Champion Belt Logo Icon – Tutorialagent.com

Burgandy colored leather texture with 'Stylish' written on it in gold and burgundy

Elegant Leather Sytle Text Effect – Photoshopstar.com

Orange leather texture with circle shape around star shape engraved in it

Create an Embossed Leather Effect – Graphics.com

Word 'pic' written in medium brown leather texturePhotoshop Text Effects: Leather Text – Insidegraphics.com

Orangish leather texture with 'pixel digest' engraved in dark brown

Leather Engraved – Pixeldigest.com

Orange brown leather texture and dark brown leather rectangle shaped textures next to each other

Create Custom Brushes in Photoshop – Freeitsolutions.com






Dark brown, amber, and light olive green website with leather header and silver buckle in the middle of it

Reddish brown, beige, and dark brown colored website with leather header and leather accents

Leather is a very beautiful texture that can really accentuate a design.  We scoured the web and found over 20 examples of leather being used wonderfully and to varying degrees in web design…

Leather in Webdesign: 20+ Beautiful and Elegant Examples





10 square shaped leather gray/black textures


Leather Textures Photoshop Brushes – Photoshopfreebrushes.com

Different black leather spike covered bracelets and cuffs

Leather Brushes by TheTaliaMonster – Deviantart.com




Diff colored leather photoshop styles


Leather Styles for Photoshop – Renderosity.com

Diff square shaped colored leather textures

Photoshop Leather Styles – Lucifer017.deviantart.com





5 diff rectangle shaped colored texture patterns - brown, black, white, gray, gold


Free Tileable Leather Patterns by WebTreatsETC – browse.deviantart.com





Red leather armchair

PSD Red and White Leather Armchair Interior Icon – Psdgraphics.com


Red and black leather icons on black background.

Leather Studded Icons – richworks.deviantart.com



Gold social icons surrounded by medium brown leather


Gold Embedded Leather Icons – Richworks.in




PSD of a light to medium brown colored leather wallet with a snap button.


Leather Icon PSD – graphicsfuel.com





Dark gray leather pattern with windows (red, green, blue, and yellow) logo in the middle of it

Windows Leather Wallpaper by Androidlviv – Awesomewallpapers.files.wordpress.com

Dark brown leather wallpaper with golden Ubuntu logo in middle

Ubuntu Brown Leather Distress by MonkeyMagico – Awesomewallpapers.files.wordpress.com

Dark gray wallpaper with silver Apple logo in middle of it

Black Leather Apple Desktop Background – Artofadambetts.com

Reddish pink alligator skin looking leather texture

Red Leather Texture – Photos8.com

Black leather texture with silver Ubuntu logo on bottom right corner

Leather Ubuntu by Wallybescotty – Browse.deviantart.com

Dark grayish leather wallpaper

Black Leather Wallpaper by MKadriovski – browse.deviantart.com

Black weathered leather with what looks like water streak stains

Weathered Leather by Stratification – browse.deviantart.com





Leather texture pack with gray, orange, beige, and reddish leather textures


Leather Texture Pack – Lordofdesign.com

Purplish leather texture with stitched seam across top

Free Texture Tuesday – Leather – Bittbox.com

Pinkinsh orange leather texture

Leather by Louboumian – Deviantart.com

5 diff rectangle shaped colored textures - brown, black, white, gray, gold

Free Tileable Leather Patterns by WebTreatsETC –  Deviantart.com

Diff colored leather textures - pink, black, grayish green

Leather Texture Pack 01 by Kittytextures – Deviantart.com

Tan weathered looking leather book cover with dark brown spots and black marks

Leather Book Texture by Tsabo6 – Deviantart.com

Diff leather textures - gray, reddish brown, grayish, gold, red snake pattern, beige

Leather Texture Pk by ALP-Stock – Deviantart.com

Worn medium brown colored leather with black stripes

19 Leather Textures by Glass-Prism – Deviantart.com

Brownish leather texture with black hues

Leather Brown 2 by Jaqx-Textures – Deviantart.com

5 leather rectangle textures - Light green, yellow, brownish beige, pink, green

Leather Texture Pack 3 by Mytherea – Deviantart.com

5 rectangle shaped leather textures - brown, light green, darker green, brighter green, light purple

Leather Texture Pack 2 by Mytherea – Deviantart.com

28 diff colored rectangle shaped textures

Seamless Leather Texture by Manoluv – Deviantart.com

Tannish brown leather book cover

Leather Book Teture 2 by Tsabo6 – Deviantart.com

5 diff leather textures - brownish purple, dark brown, off blue, tan, and beige-ish

Leather Texture Pack 1 by Mytherea – Deviantart.com

9 different colored square textures


Paper bag colored suedish leather texture

Leather Texture by Tsabo6 – Deviantart.com

Reddish worn leather texture

Texture Leather by Luiexs – Deviantart.com

Brownish leather wrinkled looking texture

Leather Texture 2 by Tsabo6 – Deviantart.com

Brownish black stained leather texture

Old Cover Book, Leather Texture 2 – Free3dstextures.com

Tan and creame colored leather textures

Leather Textures Pack by Salic33 – Deviantart.com

Reddish brown leather texture with tear that is stitched up

Leather by Meltys – Deviantart.com

Dark brown cracked leather texture

Leather Texture – Experts-exchange.com

Orange brown leather texture

Free Leather Textures – Tutorialfreakz.com

Grayish leather texture

Leather Black 2 by Jaqx-Textures – Deviantart.com

14 black/dark leather textures

Leather Pack 001 by Squarefrog-Stock- Deviantart.com

Medium blue colored leather texture with cracks on it

Cracked Leather Texture 1 by Fantasy Stock – Deviantart.com

Light shining on black leather texture

Stock PhotoLeather Texture – Sxc.hu

Orangish leather texture - looks like basketball material closeup

Stock Photo: Leather – Sxc.hu

Brown and black leather texture with metal studs in it

35 Free Leather Textures for Your Design Inspiration – Templates.com

Pink and green colored leather texture

10 Colorful Leather Textures Free to Use – Bestdesignoptions.com

Golden intricate patterned leather texture

Leather Texture 6 by Alharaca – Deviantart.com

Orange rust colored leather texture - looks like alligator skin

Leather Texture 3 by Alharaca – Deviantart.com

Dark golden brown colored texture

Leather Texture by The-Auteur- Stock – Deviantart.com

Dark green and black colored leather texture

Green Leather 1 by Makibird – Deviantart.com

Bluish fading leather book cover with tape

Leather Book Cover and Tape by Indietextures – Deviantart.com

Diff colored leather textures - yellow, burgundy, medium brown, orange, dark brown, blue, green biege, gray, black

10 Coloured Leather Textures by HollowlChigoBanki – Deviantart.com

Grayish leather texure pack

Mix Texture Pack 02 by KittyTextures – Deviantart.com

Reddish brown leather with 'leather 10 textures' written in black

LEATHER-SET by For-Certain – Deviantart.com

Beige/cream colored leather texture

Antique Leather by Stock-Pics-Textures – Deviantart.com

Black leather texture with light shining on it

Leather Texture 01 by Stock-basicality – Deviantart.com

Gray leather jacket with metal zipper

Leather Texture Pack by PowerPuffJazz – Deviantart.com

Reddish orange rust colored leather texture

Leather Texture 2 by Alharaca – Deviantart.com

Black leather texture

Leather Tex 04 by MaSqueKawon – Deviantart.com

Greenish wrinkled leather texture

Leather Texture by Emtilt-Resource – Deviantart.com

Dark brown suede like leather texture

12 Free High-Res Leather Textures – Orkron.com

Black leather texture with zipper down the middle

Freebie : Leather Texture Pack – Soultravelmultimedia.com

'Leather Texures' written in brown on off white/beige suede leather background

Free Hi Res Leather Textures – Fuzzimo.com

Tattered goldish tan leather texture

Untitled Texture CCXXV by Aqueous-Sun-Textures – Deviantart.com

Amber colored distressed looking leather texture

Leather Chair by The Auteur-Stock – Deviantart.com

Golden brown leather color

Textures 39 by Raikko – Deviantart.com

Light brown leather texture with seam in middle

Light Brown Leather Texture by FantasyStock –  Deviantart.com

Yellow squiggly patterned leather texture

Leather Texture 1 by Alharaca – Deviantart.com

Dark brown short wooly like leather texture with seam

Leather Tex 02 by MaSqueKawon – Deviantart.com

Gold grungy like leather texture with faded parts

Untitled Texture CCXXVI  by Aqueous-Sun-Textures – Deviantart.com

Black wrinkled leather texture with light shining on top part

Cuir – Leather by Neillaz – Deviantart.com

Off white colored leather texture with circle bumps pattern

Leather Texture 4 by Alharaca – Deviantart.com

Yellow leather texture with circle bumps looking pattern

Leather Texture 5 by Alharaca – Deviantart.com

Dark brown short wooly like leather texture

Leather Tex 01 by MaSqueKawon – Deviantart.com

Black leather texture

Leather Tex 02 by MaSqueKawon – Deviantart.com

Medium brown wrinkled leather texture

Brown 01 by Akinna-Stock – Deviantart.com

Dark brown baggy looking leather texture

Dark Brown Leather Texture 1 by FantasyStock –  Deviantart.com

Dark brown colored leather texture with wrinkles on it

Dark Brown Leather Texture 3 by FantasyStock – Deviantart.com

Grayish faded colored leather texture

Leather Texture by Netta43 – Deviantart.com

Goldish leather texture

Worn Leahter by Muffet1 – Deviantart.com

Gray leather texture darker on bottom

Stock 1631 Textures by LestatImage-Stock – Deviantart.com

Yellowish, medium brown, and dark brown wrinkled looking leather texture

Leather 1 by Tangobear-resources – Deviantart.com

Round grayish faded leather head of drum

Skin Drum by Jaqx-Textures – Deviantart.com

Puffy stitched black leather jacket texture

Leather Jacket by MrFreakeh – Deviantart.com

White/very light gray leather texture

White Leather by The-Night-Bird – Deviantart.com

Dark brown torn leather texture with metal staples/clasps holding it together

Torn Leather by Synthetik 909 – Deviantart.com

Cream colored leather sofa texture with leather buttons

Blending Leather by Bulb-Wzp – Deviantart.com

Tattered dark purple leather texture with seams

Twist and Stock 045 by Twist and Shock – Deviantart.com

Dark purple tattered leather texture

Twist and Stock 043 by Twist and Stock – Deviantart.com

Gray leather texture with wrinkles

Texture XIV by Infinitereach – Deviantart.com

Medium brown suede like leather texture with diagonal rows of holes

Leather Wrap Texture by BlackHowling82 –  Deviantart.com

Gray colored leather texture with white stitched seam

Fabric 22 by Stockimagine – Deviantart.com

Gray colored leather texture with white stitched seams and tear

Fabric 24 by Stockimagine – Deviantart.com


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