50 Super Creative Business Card Holders

Black Pac Man business card holder


Wanna see some really cool and creative business card holders? Look no further than this post filled with 50 of the most creative business card holders out there…

Business card holder that looks like plastic cassette tape case

Light wood colored business card holder that opens from top

Hard plastic business card holder with aluminum top

Gold card holder

3 paper material looking business card holders - light green,  amber, and gray

Black SEGA business card holder

Gray Atari business card holder with red and black. Looks like  it's made from lego

Red Famicom business card holder that looks like game controller

Black Space Invaders card holder

Red Space Invaders card holder

3 card holders yellow bordered, red bordered, and sky blue  bordered with icons of ppl doing different activities

Red meat colored looking card holder

Purple card holder with belt clip

See through plastic card holder with business cards in it

Metal card holder with many tiny holes in it on granite  countertop

Metal card holder with many tiny holes in it on granite counter

Hand holding metal card holder with many tiny holes in it
Medium colored wooden card holder with tree painting on top

One yellow and one pink cloth fibered card holder with bear face  and ears

Black metal card holder with Ed Hardy like pattern on top and word  that says 'Passion'

Aluminum card holder with newspaper print

Aluminum card holder. Top half comes off

Blue leather card holder sleeve with green decorative stripe in  middle

Aluminum card holder with Wonderwoman on it

2 black leather card holders with sleeve

Light colored wood card display and holder

Card holder that looks like it's made out of 70's vintage tie - blue, tan, brown, green colors

Black card holder

Black and white intricate patterns on Obey card holder with wings  and Obey logo on it

Card holder with floral patterns that are pink, burgundy, tan, and  white

Gold card holder with bedazzled pattern of Hello Kitty

Card holder with painting of woman with long hair

Black card holder with metal sides that closes with a snap button

Black eco friendly card holder that looks like rubber with ridges  on top

Aluminum flat card holder that you pull apart to put cards inCard holder that looks like interior computer circuit board

Aluminum card holder with metal pattern of star within bigger star and rays shooting out

Lime green tube with slots where cards can be stuck into

Ornate patterned red card holder shaped like inch thick box

Aluminum card holder with lime green plastic ends

Picture of Spoke on metal card holder with quote saying 'Live Long  and Prosper'

Brown card holder with Nintendo game like image on it

Black lego looking card hodler with yellow pac-man character

Black lego looking card holder with blue pac-man character

Green lego looking card holder with yellow A shape

Red Famicom lego looking card holder that looks like game  controller

Tan suede card holder with many little pockets on inside

Turoquoise colored Nintendo card holder with IceClimber game pic on it

Card holder that looks like Mac Computer screen and keyboard when opened

Bright yellow Donkey Kong card holder

Lego material looking computer game card holders


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