RUSTY RUST: Rust Textures, Tutorials, Brushes, Icons, Wallpapers, and Gradients

Rusted metal texture with rivets on it


A while back we did an article on metal called METAL MANIA . Today we have a related topic; rust. This article is chock full of rust textures, rust tutorials, rust brushes, rust icons, rust wallpapers, and rust gradients… Enjoy! 🙂


Metal texture with orange rust stains

Free Rust Textures Every Designer Must Have –

Rusty textured metal with dark scratches

32 High Quality Rust Rexture Packs for Designers –

Red orange rust texture with grafitti on it

40 High Quality Rusty Textures for Designers –

Blue metal with rusty stains

Dark Blue Rust Textures –

Orange yellow rust surrounded by peeling lime green paint

The Colors of Corosion: Rusty Palettes –

Red rusted metal with rivets

Free Downloads: A Collection of Rusted Textures –

Peeling rusty white and gray metal surface

Free Rust Textures –

Coroded rusted out torn reddish metal

60 Totally Free Rusted Metal Textures for Designers –

Collage of different rust metal textures

70 Awesome Rust Texture Packs from Deviantart –

39 rusted little diff colored squares

Free Rust Texture Pack –

5 different rust stained textures on black background next to yellow box that says 'Rust Textures'

Rust Textures Pack – 21 Free Images –

Diff different corrosive rusted textures

Aqueous Sun Presents Rust v.01 – 28 Free Rust Textures –

4 diff rusted metal textures

Deep Rusty Red Industrial Grunge High Res Textures –

5 diff metal textures from burgundy rust to yellowish gold rust

Deep Rusted Red Industrial Seamless Textures Part 1 –

Rusted metal texture with rivets on it

Tileable Burnt Orange Industrial Grunge Textures –  Part 1 –

5 different rusted metal textures

Tileable Burnt Orange Industrial Grunge Textures –

Metal texture with orange rusty rivets

50 Free Rusted Metal Texture Backgrounds –


Amber rusty colored metal

Assorted Grunge Rust Brushes –

Deeply rusted up metal surface brush pack with 'Grunge in Rust' written on it

150 Free Rust Brushes for Photoshop –

Grunged up rusty beigish colored pic for rust brush pack

Brushes – Rust Brushes –

Dingy grungy brownish rusty metal

Rust Brush Pack for GIMP –


Pic of clean metal vent next to rusted vent

How to Create a Rusty Texture in Photoshop –

Burgundy, orange rust texture

Rust Texture –

Orange, gold rust

Rust Texture Tutorial –

Brushed metal surface with rusty shapes drawn on

Rusted Metal Art –

'BRUTAL' written on rusty metal

Metal Text Tutorial –

Red orange rust texture

Photoshop Rust Textures Tutorial Using Filters –

Word 'GHOUL' written in orange rusted out metal

True Rusty Metal Text Effect in Photoshop –

Metal texture with rust stains on it

Rusty Metal Plate –

Words 'RUSTY TEXT' written in organge rust on black background

Photoshop Tutorial Rusty Text –

Letters 'AB' protruding from rusted metal

Dirty Rusty Text Effect –

Picture of grungy rusty building structure

Design a Rusty Old Building with Dusky Sky in Photoshop –

Rusty metal chain links

Create a Rusty Chain in Photoshop –

2 rusty metal pipes

Basic Metal Pipe –

Red orange rust texture

Creating a Rusty Surface Texture –

Gray metal with bolts and rusty cracks

Create a Rusty Concrete Widescreen Wallpaper –

Rust tutorial - Rusty metal with 'Text' written on it

Rusty Metal Plate –

Rust tutorial - Metal background with rust stains and Metal written on it

Rusty Metal Button –

Rust tutorial - Olive greenish rusted metal background with W carved into it

Photoshop Tutorial – Rust Type –



Rusty, grungy, metal looking style set. The text says 'RUSTY GRUNGE METAL 3D STYLES'.

Grunge Layer Styles FX –




Twitter icon with rusty grunge on it

Twitter Grunge Icon Improved – by Highaltitudes –

Rusty metal folder icons on rusty background

Rust Folder Icons for MAC by Robovisual-

Rusty metal folder icon on rusty colored backgroundst with RUST written on it

Rust Folder Icons for Windows by Robovisual –

12 rusty icons

Rusty Icons by Hannes – Hazelnut –


Grayish orange rusty wallpaper

Bruise by Robovisual –

Rusty grungy wallpaper with Silent Hill written on it

Silent Hill – Rust Wallpaper by Fatalis-Sacristia –

Grayish rusty wallpaper with silver framed monitor

Rust in the Sky by WasoOoM –

Wallpaper pack with diff colors on rusty metal

Rust Rainbow Wallpaper Pack by l8 –

Dark wallpaper with what looks like lit up rusted copper wires

Piping at the Rust by Xero-Sama –

Black wallpaper with rusty pattern on left side

Indulge the Rust by ST3PHANiExo –

Rusty spirally threaded fractal pattern

Explosive Rust by SfinxMagnum –

Rusty wallpaper

Rust Splash by SfinxMagnum –

Rust fractal pattern with bluish tints

Rust Flames WP by SfinxMagnum –

Rust metal wallpaper with band Green Day on it

Green  Day Wallpaper 4 by Flutterbye338 –

Wallpaper with Nine Inch Nails (NIN) logo on green metal with rust stains

NIN: Non Entity by VertigoStudio –

Wallpaper with long rust looking sculpture wall

3 the Hard Way by Mijka –

Rusty sewer cover wallpaper

Rusty Waves Wide Wallpaper by V-ace –

Wallpaper with rusty background and windows emblem in middle

Windows Wallpaper by Haxmannen –

Rusty amber and brown colored wallpaper

Modo Rusty V1 by BlackHorizon –


Rusty wallpaper with circle and triangle shape in it

Banco de Gaia by rvs –

Wallpaper with rusty vehicle gear shift

Speed Demon by Bleeding–Sanity –


Orange, reddish, yellow hued different rusty gradients

75 Vintage Photoshop Gradients by ElvenSword –

Rusty colored gradiens

Rusticia Gradients by Urceola –

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