Double/Multiple Exposure Photography: Tips, Tutorials, and Examples

Girl smiling in foreground with sun and mountains in background

Double/multiple exposure photography is a wonderful technique that can produce beautiful results. This article contains tutorials and tips on how to create the technique in both a camera as well as Photoshop. It also contains gorgeous examples of the art ..


LIt up ferris wheel spinning at night

Multiple Exposure Tutorial –

Guy in 5 diff places of playground: slide, ladder, swing, on playground bridge, and under it

HOW TO – Making a Multiple Exposure Photograph –

Ferris wheel structure and body of blue water

Create Double or Multiple Exposures in Photoshop –

Lake with docked boats in it and gray clouds in sky

Adobe Photoshop Tutorial – Creating Multiple Exposures –

Pic of Photoshop layers

Double Exposure/Photo Editing –

Beige background with toys in foreground

How to Make Multiple Exposures –

Black and white image of man sitting on steps outside building with figurine pic fused next to him

Double Exposure Photoshop Technique –


Water canal at night with colorful lights on sides and trees and big white moon in sky

Make Multiple Exposure Photos –


Intricate detailed ceiling with gold trim details

GIMP Tutorials on Using Multiple Exposure –



Dark haired young woman with red tank top and two different poses interlaced

How to Do Multiple Exposure with a Nikon D90 Camera –

White mailboxes by driveway in front of beautiful sunset

Exposure Blending Tutorial –

Picture of yellow/orange flower and red one on photoshop canvas next to layer panel

Multiple Exposure with Digital –

Green trees and grass in background and water rushing over rocks

Multiple Exposure Landscapes –

Church in winter snow with moon in background

Photography Techniques: Making  Landscape-Moon Double Exposures –

Colorful flowers - red, pink, yellow, and orange

Digital Multiple Exposures –


Black and white old pic of building with soldiers walking fused with modern day cars and green grass

World War II Double Exposure Photography is Awesome –

Girl smiling in foreground with sun and mountains in background

Beautiful Double Exposure Photography –

Little toddler in foreground with pink dress in grassy field and a man, woman, and baby behind her in transparent form

Fascinating Double Exposure –

Black and white pic of girl in sundress in foreground and laying down on grass in background

Double Exposure Tips and Photos –


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