GRASS RESOURCES: Grass Textures, Tutorials, Icons, Brushes, Patterns, Wallpapers

Picture of short green grass texture

Today’s round up is all about GRASS: grass textures, tutorials, icons, brushes, patterns, wallpapers, and inspiration… ENJOY! 🙂


Green grass field texture

Free Grass Textures Ready to Download –

Short green grass texture

Free Texture Tuesday Grass –

Close up of brownish grass blades

Dried Grass Textures –

Bright greenish yellow grass

Free 6 Grass Textures –

Brownish yellow grass field texture

30 Most Wanted Grass Texture Backgrounds –

9 squares with different colored grass texture in each

Grass Texture Pack –


Little grass bush

Grass Tutorial –

Green background with EARTH written in grass

Create a Spectacluar Grass Text Effect in Photoshop –

Grass field with closeup of 50 yard line

Create an Awesome Grass Texture in Photoshop –

Desert field with OASIS written in 3D letters and grass on top of word and around

Render a 3D Text Scene Using Photoshop –

Grass bushy letter F

Furry Text Photoshop Ttuorial –

Nature written in grass against black background

Easy Brush Text Nature Effect Tutorial –

Grass picture frame around couple kissing on wedding day

Creating a Realistic Grass Frame for Your Photos –

PSDSPY written in dark blue with white outlines on grassy green turf

Text Turf –

Painting on clear sky day of woman in grassy field with purple dress and pink hair

Grass –

Paintinf of green grass against yellow skies and AURORA written on sky in black

Creating an Aurora Effect in Photoshop –


Dark green grass patch

Grass Texture –

Bright green field

Create a Realistic Photoshop Grass Texture –

Bright green background with GRASS wriiten with grass texture

Create a Grass Text in Photohop-

Photoshop layer against blue skies and green grass

Grass and Sky –

House with green grassy yard and green trees around

Photoshop Grass – Turn Dead Grass Green –

White sign with red outlines that says danger and has grass patch and grass under sign

Roadside Traffic Sign on Grass Tutorial –

Painting of green grass against blue sky with 2 mountain peaks

Make a Green Grass Blade Website Banner –


3D image of beige/yellow mansion with green lawn in front of it

Creating 3D Grass –

Grass lawns around cobble stone walkway

Grass Tutorial –

3D image of green grassy field with blue skies behind

Vray Grass Tutorial Part 1 –


3D image of grassy thick lush grass square patch

Realistic Grass Using the Hair and Fur Modifier –

Grassy hill with tree on top

Grass Tutorial –


Free Grass Textured Social Bookmarking Icon Set –

Free Icons, Photoshop Brushes, and a WordPress Theme –


2 grass bushes

Photoshop Grass Brushes –


Gold and green grass brush strokes

Grass Brushes –

Patch of green grass

GRASS brush –

Blue and green grass clumps

Grassy Place Photoshop Brushes –

Green grass and weeds

Grassland Brushes –


Green grass Photoshop pattern with written instructions on top

Photoshop Grass Pattern II –

Closeup of green grass blades

Grass Photoshop Patterns –


Closeup of grass blades with sky behind

Grass –


Logo that says GREEN OIL and has a green grass flame looking shape on top

Green Oil –

G written in green with white grass strokes at bottom. Gardencrown written beneath

Garden Crown –

CARE CRUISER GOLD & GALA written in black below green golfcourse shaped like cone with blue blagCare Cruiser Gold & Gala –

A&A written in green, 'Lawn Service' written in brown. Green leaf beneath first A in A&A

A&A Lawn Service –

'Vivo' written in black, 'verda' written in bright green and 2 grass blades in bewtween the 2 words

Viva Verda –

Grassroots written in green, irrigation written in blue, green grass blades in green with blue water drop beneath

Grassroots Irrigation –

Black rhino in green grassy field with black bird behind and RHINO SHIELD written beneath

Rhino Shield –

Green grass blades in brown circle on beige background. TWIN CREEK FARM SEASONINGS CO. written below in brown

Twin Creek Farm Seasonings Co. –



'Save' written in 3D in green with a bird next to it and grass, and tree

Word 'NATURE' written in green on grass field

STONE written in 3D on grass

Letter S written in 3D and surrounded by a small patch of grass, green frog, and red mushrooms

'ortek' in 3D stone on grass with ballon, and little penguin and parrot on letters

ART written in 3D on grass

GREEN written in 3D with grass texture and blue sky, clouds and rainbow around

NATURE written in stone 3D with cracks in it and grass, rainbow, trees, on top and above

3D letters on patch of grass with leaves, bunny and rainbow around



Grassy wallpaper with X in middle

Think Tiki –

Green grassy wallpaper with 2 thick yellow curvy lines going through it

All Sizes –


Website that has grass background with cardboard

Website with closeup of blades of grass

Website with white background and close up of blades of grass

Website with header that has green grass, blue sky and man standing with binoculars

Website with blue skies, green grass, and product called Ocean Mist being sold

Website with bushy green grass on top

Website, with painted dark sky, brown mountain, and green field

Website with slightly grungy blue sky, green field in header and black for rest of site


Website with blue sky, white clouds, and green grass for header and brown color for rest of site

Website that has drawing of sky, clouds, grass trees


Website that has grass field with people all over doing different activities blue/white website



Website that has blue sky, brown mountains with hollywood sign and green fields next to bule water

Website with green field, trees, rainbow retro colors, and writing that says FOREST EDGE MUSIC FESTIVAL

Website with grassy field, trees, woman, little girl and rainbow in background

Website with green grass textured background

Website with light blued sky background and animation of boy and girl(holding red heart shaped balloons) on green floating island

Website with grassy green menu bar


Website with faded grass and whitish blue background

Website that has huge picture of beautiful green grassy golf course

Website with blue sky, white clouds, floating grass island with man sitting on leather coach next to guitar and wine bottles

Beautiful website with grass field, hot air ballon, and menu bar near tree roots

Website with light blue sky road surrounded by grass and sunflowers, and white car driving on it

Website with animated yellow green grass, blue sky, and raccoon holding flag

Website with animated green islands and blue skies and water

Website with wild grass and purple flowers with white 3D sign that says 2LK


Dark website with green hills trees, aliens, crashed flying saucer and sheep in header

Grassy green website with polaroid pictures on it

Website that has blue gray sky with animated grass field and roadsigns, rabbits


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