BEAUTIFUL BANKNOTES: Examples, Art, Concepts, and Tutorials

One dollar banknote origami penguin

The following article contains the beauty of banknotes from around the world, as well as art, concepts, business cards and tutorials.. ENJOY 😀


Ghanian banknote - red, greens, yellow hues with elder man's profile

Ghanian banknote - green brown, light violet. Picture of teacher teaching 4 students

Unique World Banknotes –

Banknote from South Africa with cheetah on one side - yellow, orange, brown, hues with some green

Banknotes of South Africa –

Very colorful (yellow, green, salmon, blue, brown, white) 5 dollar currency bill from New Zealand with man's profile

The Most Beautiful Currencies in the World –

6 different banknotes from Venezuela/front and back - Extremely colorful - every color of the rainbow

The Color of Money from Around the World –


Banknotes from Ozbekistan - one in pink hues and Arab looking guy in turban, other in yellowish hues and black man

The Art and Design Work on a “Banknote” –


Banknote from Hong Kong with purple, pink, white, blue, white and violet hues

Cool Currency: 12 Beautiful Bills –



Man with beard and mustache in turban made out of money with Arabic writing

Art with Money –

Chain link bracelet that's made out of banknotes

The World’s Most Expensive Origami Art: Banknote Jewelry –

Banknote art of Ganesh Indian god in pinkish hues

Very Creative Banknote Pictures –


One dollar banknote origami penguin

Beautiful Origami Art Made of Dollars by Won Park –


Brown and tan colored banknote

Swish National Bank (SNB) –

President Barack Obama in aqua blue $1 banknote

Dowling Duncan Redesigns US Bank Notes –


Business card that looks like banknote in light green, white, and dark green colors

Business Card –


Dollar bill tutorial with girls face replacing George Washington's

Photoshop Up Your Own Money –

Banknote Tutorial - Fabio Sasso from Abduzeedo in pic that looks like a banknote

Money Style Illustration in Photoshop –


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