30+ Thanksgiving Inspired T-Shirt Designs

Gray long sleeved t-shirt with pic of turkey standing and text that says 'Pluck Me? Pluck You!'

The following are over 30 Thanksgiving inspired t-shirt designs. This is part II of our Thanksgiving series. Part I, THANKSGIVING FEAST: Brushes, Icons, Fonts, Vectors, Wallpapers and More , was published last week.. Enjoy 😀

Yellow t-shire with cute animation of googly eyed brown turkey with green eyes, yellow feathers, and feet

Dark brown t-shire with colorful image of turkey with its feathers spread out

Long sleeved sky blue t-shirt that says 'got thanks?' in black

Brown t-shirt with animation of turkey sticking head of oven with speech bubble above saying 'They'll never find me in here'!

Long sleeve brown tee with animated pic of turkey chopping wood and saying 'Gotta Hide the Murder Weapon'!

White t-shirt that says TURDUCKEN with black outline drawing of three birds- one within the other

Black and white t-shirt with pic of Native American and an American flag behind. Text says GENOCIDE-POVERTY-HUNGER.. NO THANKS NO GIVING! WHAT ARE YOU CELEBRATING? GIVE THANKS EVERYDAY

and What are you doing inanimation of two turkeys one in cookin pot and one standing with speech bubbles that say 'What are you doing in that?' and 'Isn't it a hot tub'?

Sky blue t-shirt with black image of pilgrim male and female and text that says 'THIS IS WHAT AN ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT LOOKS LIKE'

Off white t-shirt with yellow turkey with it's feathers spread out

Yellow t-shirt with black silhouette of turkey with yellow duck in it, and black chicken in it

Light olive green t-shirt with Turkey holding knife and fork in each hand, cloth around it's neck and text around it saying 'It's Thanksgiving... so stuff me!'

Brown t-shirt that looks tie died with pic of turkey

White tee with hand print with each finger a different color and a turkey face on thumb

Animation of man chasing turkey and swinging an axe. The turkey is saying 'Real men eat BEEF'! as it's running

Navey t-shirt with a turkey holding bone and text that says 'No! Not Take Out Turkey'...

Brown t-shirt that says I'M A BREAST MAN! and a cooked turkey on a plate

White t-shirt with tukey that has rows on bullets around it's chest and text that says WARNING 'TURKEY WITH ATTITUDE'

Navy blue t-shirt with a brown football with turkey legs

Gray t-shirt with a hand print in black and 5 FINGER TURKEY written in black

Black t-shirt with piece of pie and 'Kiss me I made the pie!' written in orange

Black t-shirt with gobble gobble gobble gobble and an animated turkey face at the bottom

Black t-shirt with I a red heart and a drumstick

White t-shirt with blue long sleeves and pie in middle and text that says 'Life's short... Let's eat the pie first!'

Brown long sleeved t-shirt with text that says I'M A THIGH MAN! and a brown cooked turkey on a plate

Black t-shirt with animation of turkey that has yellow feathers and orange feet

Handprint in turqouise, yellow, and orange paint with turkey face on thumb

White t-shirt with long black sleeves and pic in middle of oven with animated turkey in it and speech bubble on top that says 'SOMEBODY CALL ME LAWYER!!!'

Brown T-shirt with turkey on it and JIVE written in black on top

Brown t-shirt with slice of pumpkin pie on plate and text on top that says 'HAPPY Thanksgiving' and under it says I'm thankful for pumpkin pie!

Gray long sleeved t-shirt with pic of turkey standing and text that says 'Pluck Me? Pluck You!'

Black t-shirt with turkey on orange and red background and text on top that says 'TURKEYSROCK'

Light green t-shirt with picture of blinged out car and turkey

Dark gray t-shirt with picture of turkey holding orange sign that says 'Give Geese a Chance'

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