Interview with Spectacular Graphic Artist DrFranken

Woman with pale skin and pale blue eyes with yellow and turquoise colors around her

Today I am featuring an interview and showcase with the very talented digital illustrator and graphic designer DrFranken. DrFranken hails from Madrid, Spain and his work will surely impress you.. Enjoy ๐Ÿ˜€


1). Tell us about yourself and how you got started in design?

I started my career in the world of digital illustration and design, after finishing my studies as a computer programmer. But my passion for art and design came since childhood. My father was a great artist. He painted using all sorts of techniques such as oil, charcoal, pencil, watercolor. My mother also paints very well and loves arts very much. For several years, I experimented with different techniques, tools and media and now Iโ€™m more focused on digital art and my current job is a software developer of electric engineering.

Cheetah's head in front of white background with gray faint paint splatters around it

Grungy paper with howling wolf in center and floral patterns around it

2). How long have you been doing it for?

Five years ago I started doing professional designs and illustrations along with my wife Natalia. Today we continue to make commissioned works and original designs.

Woman's face with flowers, and butterflies around her

Silouettee of woman's bust in purple, orange, green, and brown and birds flying above her

3). Who were/are your inspirations?

I am inspired by everything around me; the cinema, the street, internet, and especially dark environments and black color. Iโ€™m a fan of dark art.

Black and white dark image of 3 horses running in water and gray clouds above

Half cat half person with horns kneeling down looking up with yellow and black floral patterns, twigs, and smoke above

4). What mediums (programs) do you use to create your art?

For the composition of the pieces and some effects, I use Photoshop, Illustrator, Painter, etc. As for the hardware, Wacom Intuos Tablet, Intel Mac, as well as Windows.

Head shot of Jennifer Hudson against brown background and black and white paint splashes around her flowing hair

3D gold man's head with shatter effect on fringes and yellow, amber light piercing through his ears

5). What is your process? (Do you start out on paper and then open up a program for example)?

Every project I do is divided into several phases; first step is to study each project and collect as much information as possible by looking through related images, text, references and shooting some pictures. Once we have a clear idea, I usually select a technique which I will use for such combination of a 3D element, photo retouching, vector, airbrush, etc.. The creative process and production will usually start from here. If you perform a preliminary study of the project, it is a lot easier to adapt for customer delivery at the end process. Before concluding, I add adequate lighting elements to the overall scene and finally chose a proper name that best suits your art piece.

Woman sitting nude with pinkish amber tones over her and white cracked, ice looking background

6). Do you have a favorite art piece you’ve created?

Each piece has special meaning for me and I give them the same importance. Each was performed at a different mood and I like it that way.

Man kneeling down like he's about to run a race and city below him with feathers and wings above him. Orange, yellow hues.

7). What are your ultimate goals?

I would love to have my own studio and work with customers around the world.

Black and white image of guy punching against black background with reddish, white energy rays around him

8). How would you describe your style? Would you say you have one?

I think my style is a combination of techniques to achieve high quality work. Generally, we use a lot of layers, different techniques and effects to make a final composition. Our style varies with each piece we make, but we try to make the result be clean, complicated and reach the viewer.

Gray 3D image of woman in cross like pose with deep red color behind her head and arms

9). How many hours a day do you spend honing your craft?

Currently I work as a computer programmer for an electric engineering company – eight years . The free time I have left is dedicated to my illustrations and to update my website and my blog. Normally I spend three or four hours a day, but sometimes much more.

Woman with pale skin and pale blue eyes with yellow and turquoise colors around her

10). What are some words you would tell some one starting out?

I think the best advice I can give is that they have perseverance in their work andย  strive to improve a little more every day.

Old man's face with scruffy beard and mustache and typography all over his face saying old man, father, grandfather etc.

11). Is there anything else you would like to add?

Thank you very much for this fantastic interview and I hope that all have a bright future whether you like the art or not.

3D figure of gray woman on gray background reaching up with pieces of her shattering around her

For more of DrFranken’s art visit:


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