website with green header and footer and a woman in foreground and a glass of golden colored tea in the foreground

The following are 55 gorgeous tea websites sure to delight you. Hope you enjoy viewing them and that they inspire you. If I left any out, feel free to include the links in the comment section…

Tea website with chocolate brown header, footer and headings and tan and white text


Tea website with gray background and black left sidebar


Tea website with lime green header, footer, background and white text


Tea website with green, tan, and and orange colors with diff bottled teas in header section


Tea website with goldenish background with orange intricate flower patterns


Tea website with with white background and black grunged out heading tabs


Tea website with flash features. Has white background and navy blue accents and blue elephant logo on each side of background


Tea website with red header and footer with flower patterns and yellowish background


Tea website with yellowish canvas material background with palm tree silhouettes and view of beach with 4 beach chairs in header


Tea website with olive greenish background and top view of cup of tea with saucer on top left side. Also weaved table mat with Asian tea pots and mint leave plant in picture


Tea website with pale green and dull green colored background with yellow footer and left sidebar and amber colored header with golden cup of tea


Tea website with tannish paper bag colored background with white behind it with brown wooden navigation bar and vintage drawn elements throughout site. Also has moving features like airplane propellers and text moving


Tea website with with orange and olive green colors


Tea website with lime green header, yellow background and colorful loose tea leaves below navigation bar. Also changing images


Tea website with light green header and footer and image of open book with steaming cup of tea to the right of it and colorful tea bags to the left of it


Tea website with bright yellow background with textured weave pattern and picture of ocean with diff brands of tea on top


Tea website with with soft green background and moving images


Tea website with with brown basket weave header and footer and tea images incased in stamp shapes on off white, light tan colored background


Tea website with water colored changing images of teapots and saucers and last image of tea leave can with stamp shaped painting of Asian woman drinking cup of tea


Tea website with white background bright red left sidebar and header images as well as bright red accents and olive colored outlined flowers throughout the site


Tea website with vintage elaborate frame aorund it and red curtain on top


Tea website with tannish colored background and dark brown navigation bar. Black and orange text and sliding images


Tea website with soft green background and sliding images


Tea website with grungy, textured, water colored green stained paper with 5 tea cans with black lids and bottoms in front of white background


Tea website with light green background, yellow - orange-yellow colored header and diff images of cans of loose leaf tea


Tea website with brown colored background and red and white logo on top left and image of Nicaraguan farmer with straw hat on right hand side


Tea website with bright red header with woman holding tea mug and smiling in header, offwhite colored footer and navigation bar


Tea website with flash intro and gold colored wooden wall shelf that is also navigation bar with tea kettle and gold tin boxes with navigation command on each one. Also has books, figurine and tea saucer


Tea website with beautiful light and dark purple textured background with white dots that look almost like distant stars


Tea website with white background and tan colored monkey stuffed animal with teashirt


website with green header and footer and a woman in foreground and a glass of golden colored tea in the foreground



Tea website with white background and golden colored text


Tea website with gray header and footer and gray logo on top left side that says Samovar in white text with a tea kettle in a deepgray shade behind it. Huge images of pastries, diff tea kettles, and tea shop


Tea website with chocolate brown sidebar on leftside and sepia colored image of eifle tower in background. Also 3 cans of tea in foreground, blue, orange and dark pink colors


Tea website with red background and pictures of two white rocking chairs on a porch as well as tea boxes and glass of ice tea


Tea website with gray background, lime green footer, icons, and headings, and diff images of loose leaf teas, tea cups and saucers fading in


Tea website with light blue background with faded tea shapes in background and grunged out faded headings on site


Tea website with white background and light green snowflake shapes on it, mint green footer and violet colored sidebar on right side


Tea website with white background, gold text and pictures of loose leaf teas, tea boxes, and cans


Tea website with black background, yellow navigation bar, beige textured main area and dark gray sides with light gray floral prints


Tea website with brown background and floral pattern and beige navigation bar. Has changing images


Tea website with very light green background, lime colored navigation bar, and lime green and light green footer. Main section has changing images different teas, and kettles, tea cups


Tea website with white background and images of tea farm in header with brown wooden tray and 3 tea cups. Different images of tea cups through out site


Tea website with bright green background and header with people doing tai chi like poses in tea farm with orange skies behind


Tea website with beige background and grungy elements. Has changing images and pictures of different teas, cups, and kettles below in mid section


Tea website with white background and changing images of glasses with golden colored tea, loose tea leaves and tea canisters, and tea farm


Tea website with dark green background, olive colored navigation bar, grungy tan colored header and changing images of tea leaves, mint leaves, strawberry and raspberries, and jasmine flowers


Tea website with green background with dark wood top part adn textured header with image of tea cups and tea pot. Also image of women picking tea


Tea website with white and yellowish background and navy blue navigation bar


Tea website with black and gray background image of loose tea leaf farm, and loose leaf tea, and a cup and saucer with tea. Tilted textured logo


Tea website with tea leaves for background, sliding images, and smiling woman on sofa with cup of tea


Tea website with white background and bright green header with changing images. Black and bright green text throughout


Tea website with yellowish background and bright red colored header, navigation bar and section. Image of huge tan colored weaved baskets of loose tea leaves


Tea website with white background with light plum colored floral patterns,and plum colored header, footer. Purple, white, black and plum colored text and different images of tea kettles, and cups



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