Logo in green 3D shape of the letter G and 'GRANIN' in blue written underneath it

In the spirit of Valentine we are presenting you with 40+ heart shaped logos. Hope you enjoy them and find them inspirational. Let us know which on is your favorite  in the comment section! 🙂


Logo in hot pink of the number 2 and a heart combined. Underneath it says 2HEARTS. The 2 is in pink and HEARTS is in black

2 Hearts by – Logomoose.com

Logo of golf course and blue sky in shape of a heart. Under it in green it says COUNTRY HEART

Country Heart by Dano – Logopond.com

Logo on pale blue background with a blue and white hand shaking in the shape of a heart. Under it it says Helping Hands in Blue

Helping Hands by JayKay – Logopond.com

Logo that has a butterfly and it's two wings are a red heart. Underneath it says 'bugluv'

BugLuv by Siahdesign.com

Logo in aqua and orange colors that has fingers sticking out making a cross shape and there's a heart in the middle of top hand in the palm. Under it it says' HEART HOSPITAL of New Mexico' in aqua

Heart Hospital Of New Mexico – Macnabdesign.com

Logo in blue that says 'sickday' and has a heart shape made out of 2 blue animated bandaids

Sickday by Ron Fleming and Brent Stickles –  Logodesignlove.com

Logo that says recycle in lime green and has an emblem of a circle with an opening and a heart on one end of the opening


Logo in black that has a silhouette of a cat looking at its tail near it's face and there's a heart shape in the space between it's face and tail

Cat Lover by Openwebdesign – Logopond.com

Logo that is lime green and darker green heart shape that has line in the middle with 3 lines coming out and circles on the ends. Next to it in black it says 'Health Data Management'. One logo with white background and black text and same logo on black background with white text

HDM by Graft – Logopond.com

Logo that is red and has 3 arrows curving to form a heart

Heart by Brandberry – Logopond.com

Logo of green leaf and coffee bean put together in a heart shape. Under it in green it says "Healthy' and in Brown it says 'Coffee'

Healthy Coffee USA by koodoz – Logopond.com

Logo of African woman carrying baby on her back combined to make a heart shape. She is wearing orange and the baby is wrapped in red cloth. Next to it is says MIHI in brown

MIHI by Gypseemoth – Logopond.com

Logo in green 3D shape of the letter G and 'GRANIN' in blue written underneath it

Granin by Yuri Akulin – Logodiver.com

Logo in Hot pink that looks like head phones but in the shape of an open heart and underneath it it says HEARTBEATS. The background is purple

Heartbeats by Kevin Burr – Logofi.com

Logo in orange of heart and bottom part of it is white shape of city sky line. In the orange heart it says 'juice' and in the bottom in orange it says 'in the city'

Juice in the City by Rosa – Logofi.com

Logo in white that says SEX LOVERS. The E and X form a heart shape in between. Background is red.

Sex Lovers – Brigadacreativa.com

Heart shaped logo that has 2 puzzle pieces in it. It says 'lovepuzzle' underneath it. One half of the puzzle is light pink, and the other half is darker pink

Love Puzzle by Mateusz Turbinski – Behance.net

Heart shaped logo drawn in white and top right of it is part of a paper clip. Under it it says 'LOVECLIP' in white. And background is pink

Love Clip – Brandstack.com

Heart shaped logo with a plane shape in the middle. One half of the heart and plane is light blue and the other is dark blue. Underneath it says 'SKYOFLOVE'

Sky of Love by Bojan Stefanovic – Logoholik.com

Heart shaped logo in white. The heart is upside down and the top is open and curved. Light pink background

Ass by Breno Bitencourt – Behance.net

Heart shaped logo that is a an animated red apple with a white heart in it. It has a green leaf on top

ChildCareGroup by RBMM – Lo8os.com

Logo that has 4 orange hearts all facing each other to make a flower shape. Next to it in white it says a special need. The background is brownish-orange

A Special Need by Brian Hoff – Lo8os.com

Open heart shaped logo in yellow and blue with what looks like DNA strand in middle. Next to it it says 'CEO' in yellow and 'HEALTH' in black. And below that it says 'Ethical Medical Outsourcing'

CEOHEALTH by Asiamediastudio.com

Logo with a dog drawn in brown and has pink hearts on his eye and side. And underneath it says in brown 'must heart dogs'

Must Heart Dogs by Simone Design – Identityarchives.com

Logo that says JUICE in big gray letters, and 'COMMUNICAZONE CREATIVA' in small gray letters. To the left it has one yellow and one orange half of a heart that has a space in between.


Logo that says 'MILL VALLEY FILM FESTIVAL' in lime green and an M above it made out of lime green lines and a little heart on top

Mill Valley Film Festival – Minesf.comLogo with 2 black sea horses facing each other and a heart shape is made in between them. Underneath in black it says KAILIA

Kailia by Thisisnido.com

Logo with pink heart and in it there's a white animation drawing of top of frostee type ice cream

Froberry – Brandnew.ie

Logo with the letter 'i' in red. It's kind of slanted and the dot on top is a red heart

iLove – Coppercoast.blogspot.com

Black Logo that's a shape of the letter W. One part of the W is a pencil and the other part is a heart. Beneath it it says 'WRITERS IN THE SCHOOLS' in black writing. Underneath in smaller black caps it says 'A PROGRAM OF THE UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS'

Writers in the Schools – Logopond.com

Logo with 3 red rectangle building shapes that form a heart and underneath in red text it says 'Architecture for Humanity'

Architecture of Love – Logopond.com

Logo with 5 white outlines of heart shapes that form a flower. It has a red background and says BULGARIAN DONORSHIP FORUM in white text beneath the flower shape.

Bulgarian Donorship Forum by Mucho – Logopond.com

Logo with pink text that says 'safe' and the space in between the 's' and the 'a' form a heart shape.

Safe by nmbgfx – Logopond.com

Logo that is a an animation of two hands, one dark purple and one violet and they're joining to form a heart shape. Under it it says 'freeSTORE'. 'free' is in violet and 'STORE' is in dark purple

The FreeStore by Levelb – Logopond.com

Logo that 2 silhouettes of a male and female dancer holding hands and reaching into the sky with the other hand. The shape in between them is a heart

Dancing Heart by Davin Howlett – Logogala.com

Logo with an envelope shaped like a heart and a small and bigger circle around it. In between the 2 circles is says 'CARDS FOR CARE' twice

Cards for Care by Michael Spitz – Behance.net

Logo that says 'I HATE YOU'. Hate is written in red in the shape of a heart. And I and YOU are in black caps

I Hate You by Sir-sirix – Deviantart.com

Logo that's the shape of a red heart with the top right bitten off. Under it it says 'lovebiites'. Love is in red, and biite is in pink.

Love Biites by McGuire Design – Logogallery.net

Logo that's the shape of a heart. It's composed of red lines, and sky blue dots on top of the lines. Next to it in sky blue it says 'beatlove'. The background is dark brown.

Beat Love by Siah Design – Logogallery.net

Logo that says 'Joyful Jobs' in white text. Underneath it there's a white saw with a red heart shaped handle.

Joyful Jobs by Siah Design – Logogallery.net

Logo with a white heart and a dynamite stick thing on top. It has a black background

Heart Bomb by Jpdesigns – Logogallery.net








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