Packaging Design Tutorial on shampoo bottle. There are 3 in a row, with one in front of others. They're standing upside down and has an orange cap. There's a huge lime green, as well as a small white, and black stripe going across the top. There are 2 oranges on the bottom of it. And 2 real oranges on the sur

In today’s post we have tons of tutorials, inspiration, and resources to help you learn and improve your abilities when it comes to packaging.

So far we’ve done two articles on design packaging, 50+ Examples of Beautiful, Smart, and Creative Package Designs , and  Over 50 Beautiful Cookie/Biscuit Packaging Examples. Check them out for inspiration.

Packaging Design Tutorial of 3 coffee cups, with white lids and white stripes on bottom. The middle of cups is dark brown with tan colored shapes on it. There's a wooden stir thing next to the front middle cup. And in the front of the poster it says '...milk with that'?

Create a Stylish Coffee Cup with Smart Objects

Packaging Design Tutorial on shampoo bottle. There are 3 in a row, with one in front of others. They're standing upside down and has an orange cap. There's a huge lime green, as well as a small white, and black stripe going across the top. There are 2 oranges on the bottom of it. And 2 real oranges on the sur

Create a Shampoo Advertisement in Photoshop

Packaging Design Tutorial of gold

Chocolate Packaging Box Tutorial

Packaging Design Tutorial of milk carton. It has bright blue cap. And the animation of it covers 3/4s of the carton. It has blue skies and a black and white spotted cow sitting on green pastures. The text on the carton is in white and black

Milk Box Packaging Design Tutorial

Packaging Design Tutorial for CD. It has orange, turqouise, yellowish, green hues. There's a guy rowin a boat on one side, and a tree on an tiny island in on another page.

Design a 6 Panel CD Package Tutorial

Packaging Design Tutorial for DVD. It's a horror movie with background of a forest with a bright light in the middle. In the foreground there's a faceless child carring a teddy bear. And in the top you can see a childs faded face, with scary eyes. The text is in white and orange. The movie is called 'ALONE IN THE FOREST'

DVD packaging: Design a Horror Movie DVD Cover

Packaging Design Tutorial of a white milk bottle. There's a pic on the label of an animated black and white spotted cow with green grass and blue skies. The bottle cap is on top of the bottle and tipping like it's about to fall off.

Create a Milk Bottle Funny Cow Label

Packaging Design Tutorial of the same pic side by side. They both have a light aqua pepto bismol looking bottle with a light and dark blue label. The label has yellow and blue text. On the first image under the label there's a red grid like shape.

Prototype Product Packaging in Photoshop


Packaging Design Tutorial of what looks like a book or box package. It's standing against gray background. The top part of the box has a black stripe. On it in white text it says 'tutorial 9'. There's a white stripe below that that says 'Tutorials for Everyone' in black text. And the rest of the box is blue with purple hues and there's a picture of an animated white cloud with a blue and black border around it.

Designing a Software Box


Packaging Design Tutorial of can of beans. It's a blue can with a black label with gold border. It has white text that says 'BAKED BEANS' on it.

Create a Can of Beans by Mapping Vectors to a 3D Object

Packaging Design Tutorial of two 3D Coca Cola bottles with coke filled half way.

Working with 3D Objects and Transperencies to Make a Vector Cola Bottle Design

Packaging Design Tutorial with 2 rectangle packages. They both have grungy packages. One is blueish and black and white. It has 2 bright yellow stripes. The other has gray, white, black and tan colors.

Package Design

Packaging Design template of food label and all the info on it. It's black, white, and green, and there are a bunch of yellow speech bubbles around with red text explaining each part of the label.

How to Create a Dieline for Your Product Package Design

Packaging Design Tutorial of bottle of pills. It's white has a red top and a red label with yellow sunburst pattern. In white text it says 'Happy Pills'.

3D Prototype Mock up in Adobe Illustrator

Packaging Design Tutorial for beer label. The background is lime green with stripes. And there's an orange circle with a guys vector face and a green border around that. There's a bigger circle around that with white text that says 'VECTOR TUTS' . There's a brownish banner beneath that says 'SPOONFOOD VECTORS' in white text

Design a Print Ready Beer Label in Adobe Illustrator

Packaging Design Tutorial of white 'MEAL RATION' package. It says it in black text, and the bag is white with a camouflage like mosaic pattern to the right

Make an Awesome Military Themed Vector Package


Packaging Design Tutorial of wine label. There's a green wine bottle a brown label and red circle on it that says 'Chalet' in scripty like font and 'MERLOT' in white text below it. And off to the right it says '1997' in yellow text.

Create Distinctive Packaging


Packaging design tutorial for a bottle of beer. The label is yellow, red, and green with a glass of beer.
Tutorial – Beer Label

Packaging Design Tutorial on snack bag. It's light yellow with an orange strip up top and on the bottom. There's an animation of a kid throwing the snack in his mouth. And there are snacks floating around on the bag. They look like little round pretzels

How to Turn a Client Approved Snack Label into a 3D Looking Snack Pack



Packaging Design Tutorial on how to create a potato chip bag. The bag is turquoise and has a yellow diagonal stripe at the bottom. There's an image of chips and sum dip in a green cup.

Create a Packet of Potato Chips in Photoshop

Packaging Design Tutorial. There's a white spray can with a big red stripe on top and a tiny one at the bottom of the can. The text is in black and red. There are grungy stains on the can and there's a white looking cloudy spray coming out of it.

3D Spray Can



Packaging label for cafe. It's brown with diff brown/earth town colors adnd patterns.

Label Package Design Creation Process From Start to Finish by Expert Graphic Designer Lauren Peone



Packaging Design Video tutorial of how to make a snack wrapper. It's yellowish and says 'Delissa snack' in white text with blue outlines

Package Design in Illustrator and Photoshop



DVD Cover template. There's a tree in a grassy field with grayish skies, and faint green floral patterns around

Free Packaging Templates: Over 100 Items

Packaging Design Template for a nutrition label. It's white, red and yellow

How to Make a Nutrition Label for a Package



Design packaging for CD box cet. It is very colorful - black white booklet pages, and the box set cover is black, red, and baby blue with black and white images. There are multiple=

The Beauty of Packaging Design: Inspiration & Tips

Packaging Design Article that has various really colorful products, such as brownies, granola bar, vinegar, nose balm, and car products

Package Design Tutorial: How to Create Product Packaging That Sells

Packaging Design Article that has a pic of various colorful items such as scotch tape, granola bars, capers, and an exacto knife

Package Design Tips Top Ten for Product Designers

Packaging design website that is white and has a red navigation menu. It is called BRAND PACKAGIN and is written in black text except for the A in BRAND. There's an image of 4 bottles of juice being showcased that contain diff flavors

20 Sources of Package Design Inspiration

Packaging for T-shirt called 'Beetnik Aesthetics'. The t-shirt is black with pink outlined text and the tag is big and is purple and pink, with white and gray text on it.

Product Presentation and Packaging


Diff white shapes of Packaging Design bottle vectors against sky blue background

Exclusive Freebie Packaging Vector Pack


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