Pencil drawing of a black couple kissing called 'You May Kiss the Bride'.

I was browsing online and found some really amazing pencil illustrations. They include many portraits that are just so beautiful. The detail in these pieces are just astounding and the patience these artist have to create them is truly something to be admired… I hope you enjoy viewing the drawings. Let me know which one you like the best! 😀

Pencil drawing called Princess.



Pencil drawing called Steampunk Gentleman.

Steampunk Gentleman

 Pencil drawing of a black couple kissing called 'You May Kiss the Bride'.

You May Kiss The Bride



Pencil drawing called 'Little Creek' of a Native American/American Indian man.

Little Creek


Pencil drawing of a Native American child called Anoki Finished.

Anoki 2


Pencil drawing of cowboy boots called Fence Finished.


Pencil drawing of a little girl called 'Girl'.



Pencil drawing of a homeless man.

Homeless Man


Pencil drawing of a black child with braids called 'Innocence Found'.

Innocence Found

Pencil drawing called 'Breath II' of an Indian Woman.Breath II


Pencil drawing of actor Jeremy Irons called 'Mr. Irons Final'.

Mr Irons Finale


Pencil drawing of Jessica Alba..

Jessica Alba


Pencil drawing of Gary Oldman.

Gary Oldman


Pencil drawing of singer Rihanna.



Pencil drawing of an elderly Arab man with a scarf around his head.

An Elderly Man


Pencil drawing of a young woman with water running down her face..



Pencil drawing of a young woman in water with water running over her hair.

Girl in the Water


Pencil drawing called 'One Day' of a young couple about to kiss.

One Day


Pencil drawing of an Indian actress called Kajol with traditional jewelry on.


Pencil Illustration of actor Jackson Jax Teller.

Jackson Jax Teller


Pencil drawing black actor Peter Mensah from Spartacus.

Peter Mensah






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