Beer cap icons.

Today’s article is all about food and drink icons. They include more than 60 sets of social media icons and regular icons for all your projects. These icons include ice cream social media icons, coffee cup social media icons, gummy bear social icons, bottle cap media icons, fruit icons, cheese, cookie, easter egg, dunkin donut, and cupcake icons and so much more.. Hope you find what you are looking for 🙂

Food and drink icons.

Vibrant Pattern Icons Food Beverage


Fruit icons.

Paradise Fruit Icon Set


Cupcake icons.

Cupcake icons


Fruit icons.

Citrus Fruit


Soda/pop beverage icons.

Drink Web 2.0 Icon Pack


Alcoholic icons.


Cheers – a Free Social Icon Set


Beer cap icons.

Beer Cap Social Icons


Bottle cap icons.

Free Social Media Icons Old Bottle Crowns Icon Set


RSS cheese icons.

RSS Cheese Free Icons


Cookie/biscotti RSS icons.

Biscotto RSS

Gummy bear social media icons.

Gummy Social Icon Set


Popsicle and cupcake delifeed icons.

Dellifeed a Free Icon Set


Alcoholic beverage icons.

Free Icon Set for Bloggers


Bottle cap icons.

Set of Social Grunge Icons


Bottle cap RSS icons.

RSS Feeds Icons Bottle Caps


Yammy cake icons.

Freebies Released Yammy Social Media Icons Set


Popsicle social media icons.

10 Social Icons Ice Cream Free


Soda/pop cans social media icons.

Socialcans by Kingseta



Cupcake and cakes social media icons.Facebook Twitter Icons Cake Style



Easter egg social media icons.

Social Easter


Teacup and saucer social media icons.

Brand New Social Icons Teacups


Coffee cup social media icons.

Social Icon Set Eco Friendly


Candy social media icons.

Freebies Candy Social Media Icons


Burger/beer icons.

Food and Drink Icons

Cupcake icons.

Muffin Icon Set


Tea and coffee icons.



Ice candy popsicle icons.Ice Candy PSD Icons


Burger and hotdog icons.

Summertime Snacks


Ice cream and cake icons.
Icons Set 5


Ice cream and cake icons.

Icons Set 4



Cupcake icons.

Cupcake Icon


Cherry icons.


Paradise Cherry Icon


Cupcake icons.Cupcake Icons

Chocolate heart shaped icons.

Chocolate Hearts


Soda/pop bottle caps.

Soda Pop Caps


Breakfast icons.

Breakfast Icons


Cafeteria icons.

Cafeteria Icons Freebie


Bottle cap icons.

Chimay Beer Cap Icons



Cupcake and cake icons.

Yummy a Free Tasty Icon Set


Burger, fries, hotdog, pizza, and drink icons.

Food Icons


Food icons: donut, ice cream, apple, noodles etc.

Free Food Icons


Heart shaped cookie icons.

Icons Valentine Cookies


Beverage social icons: coke, coffee, milk, beer etc.

Incredibly Detailed Drinks Icon Pack


Cupcake icons.

May Cupcakes


Dunkin' Donuts icons.

Donut Box


Icecream (popsicle) icons.

Icecream Icon Set


Slushie drink icons.

Pack Bubble Bubba


Dunkin' donut and coffee icons.

Dunkin Donuts Icons


Fruit drink icons.

Tropical Blast Icons


Coffee cup icon.

A Warm Coffee Cup


Orange icon.

Orange Icon


Banana icon.Banana Illustration


Grapes icon.

Grape Illustration


Noddles iconn.

Noodles Icon



iChat coffee cup icon.

iChat cup


Apple icons.Apple Icons


Pastry icons.

Sweets Icons Set






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