Picture of a mother and baby elephant.

In today’s article I’ve included over 20 truly beautiful and wonderful pictures of animals. The photography is amazing and really highlights the beauty of the different animals. I hope you enjoy viewing them..


Picture of a black horse.

Freedom in the Desert by Jenny Woodward


Picture of a Siberian Huskey.

Siberian Husky by Mariola Poreba


Picture of owl with yellow eyes.

Kukumav by Murat Acuner


Picture of a black cat with yellow eyes.

Like a Panther by Luca Foscili


Picture of a white penguin.

Portrait of an Emperor by Brian Stetson


Picture of a colorful Mandarin duck.

Mandarin by Nate Zeman


Picture of a buffalo.

Muskox by Jonathan Ihoir


Picture of an owl flying.

Ufo Gufo by Massimo Mei


Picture of a deer/stag with a bird on it's back.

Stag and Mag by Max Ellis


Picture of an owl with yellow eyes.

Gleam by Masato Mukoyama



Picture of a pink flamingoe.

Flamingo by Mohandoss Sampath


Picture of a hummingbird.

Leucochloris Albicollis by Mario Gervasi


Picture of an eagle.

Puzzled by J. Uriarte


Picture of a leopard.

Morning Descent by Keith Connelly Photographics


Picture of a peacock.

Real Colours by Antonio Lopez Cordoba


Picture of a white bird with a red mouth.

Soprano Training Session by Maurizio Di Renzo



Picture of a mother and baby elephant.

Baby Elephant by Christine Lamberth


Picture of a little squirrel eating a nut.


Snack Time by Carlo Allievi


Picture of a seagull swimming

Seagull and Heart by Julie


Picture of a green lizard.

Green Day by Morten Henckel









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