Creative Olive Oil packaging.

Welcome to this month’s edition of Packaging That Tickles My Fancy. In today’s post I’ve included really lovely and creative chocolate packaging, ice cream packaging, beef jerky packaging, olive oil, mustard, and more.. I hope you enjoy this post!

Creative chocolate bar packaging.

Unelefante X Chef Jorge llanderal |Artisan Chocolate Bars


Creative non profit orgnanization identity/packaging.

Fundacion Capital


Creative Beef Jerky packaging front.


Jeffs Jerky


Creative Beef Jerky packaging back.

Jeffs Jerky


Creative coffee shop packaging.

Demitasse Creamery


Creative packaging for vitamin line of lotions, soaps, body oils, and bathwash.


Creative Olive Oil packaging.


Anthia Products


Creative milkshake packaging.

Cheers Milkshake Concept


Creative ice cream packaging.


Connoisseur Gourmet Ice Cream

Creative shaving cream, moisturiser, face cleanser and body wash packaging.


Triumph Disaster on the Road Travel Edition



Creative delicatessan products packaging.

Woolworths Gold


Creative mustard packaging.


Jack Sailor Mustard


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