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Freebie: Furry Cushions Social Icons Set

Tweet We found a set of delightful icons and are pleased to share them with you, our wonderful readers.  Hope you like them as much as we do!

10 Keys to Growth as a Designer

Tweet By Steven Snell ~ “One of the most significant challenges that designers face is the need for continual improvement and development… [and] there will be times when you will have to make an effort to work on your own development”…

35 Stunning Digital Manipulation Art Pieces

Tweet put together a great list of 35 incredible photo manipulations we would like to share with you:

Should you “Fake it” When a Client Asks For Something You Can’t Do?

Tweet Sooner or later in a designer’s career he/she is going to be asked by a client to do something he/she has never done.  A dilemma comes up at this point, should the designer accept the assignment and fake it? Or should they tell the client they don’t know how to do the work? The

50 Fantastic 3D Adobe Illustrator Tutorials

Tweet Adobe Illustrator is top of the line as a program when it comes to creating vector art for logos, websites and design in general.  Nothing can compare to it’s ability to create clean, crisp lines, and designs that can be enlarged to any size without losing resolution. Smashing Magazine compiled a great list of

Why Your Worst Clients Should Still get Your Best Service

Tweet When it comes to business especially for freelancers, work of mouth can literally make or break you.  It is very important to always remember to maintain a level of professionalism and courtesy.  This can be extremely challenging when facing a nightmare client, but presents the following reasons to try your best:

53 Promotional Websites to Gain Traffic Quick and Easy

Tweet Social Media is one of the best ways to promote yourself as a designer.  There are many, many forums and sites that give you the platform to give your business exposure, and the following list from contains 53 of the top ones:

10 Techniques for a Fantastic Footer

Tweet There was a time when website footers were not given that much attention design wise.  Those days are long gone.  Having an informative and creative footer can really take a website, and thus business, to a new level. Because it not only contributes to a customer remembering your business but it also encourages a

35 High Quality Apple Inspired Icons

Tweet “Apple products are well known for their simple and elegant design, and they are favored by many designers. Their products are often seen in web design, particularly on portfolio websites, and these products are also popular subjects for icon design. In this post we feature more than 35 sets of high-quality icons” …

Freebie: Old Paper Textures

Tweet One of the best things a designer can have is textures.  Textures can take a design to a whole new level. Our freebie for this week is a texture pack of old, grungy like paper. Enjoy!