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The Ultimate Collection of Maya 3D Tutorials

Tweet Ever wonder how animated films like Ice Age are made? Maya is the answer. Maya (or Autodesk Maya, having recently been acquired by Autodesk) is [a] powerful 3D modeling, animation, texturing, rendering and visual effects software…

50 Fantastic 3D Adobe Illustrator Tutorials

Tweet Adobe Illustrator is top of the line as a program when it comes to creating vector art for logos, websites and design in general.  Nothing can compare to it’s ability to create clean, crisp lines, and designs that can be enlarged to any size without losing resolution. Smashing Magazine compiled a great list of

50 Awesome Photoshop Text Tutorials

Tweet Today we bring you 50 awesome Photoshop text tutorials to help improve your skills…

40 Outstanding 3D Wallpapers

Tweet Designer Cosmin Lupsan came up with a great list of 3D wallpapers we would like to share with you.  The art on these wallpapers were created with Photoshop and 3D programs such as Maya, Caligari, Blender, Shrek Software, and 3Dsmax.  We hope you enjoy viewing them as much as we did…

How to Create a Vector Film Slate Icon

Tweet One of the best ways to improve your skills as a designer is by doing tutorials. We found a great tutorial at Vector.tutsplus.com on how to create a Vector Film Slate Icon (Created by designer Ryan Putnam aka Rype). And we are delighted to share it with you: