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10 SEO Rules for Designers to Know

Tweet A crucial part of web design is being aware of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) rules and knowing how and when to apply them.  The following article by Joshua Jeffreys breaks these rules down:

Preparing for Print: Crops and Bleeds

Tweet A very important part of the design process is the printing process and being knowledgeable about the basics.  It is always important to be in communication with your printer and to ask for what specifications they require, as printing requirements may vary slightly from one printer to the next.  With that in mind, the

Don’t Use Stock Photography Cliches

Tweet Earlier we did a post on Free Stock photography websites.  Stock photography can be a great source for images.  At the same time though, as designers we have to be careful not to fall into the trap of using the same type of imagery that’s been used countless times.  We have to remember that

8 Great Design Utilities

Tweet The good folks at Dezinerfolio.com came up with a list of 8 Design Utilities.  We feel that these design utilites are valuable and can really assist and enhance your design process.  And we are pleased to share them with you..  All the best!

10 Excellent Places to Find Graphic Design Jobs

Tweet As a designer, one of the best places to find job opportunities are through graphic design job boards.  On youthedesigner.com they compiled an excellent list of 10 sources that we thought were worth sharing..  Good luck and happy hunting!


Tweet Happy New Year from SoulTravelMultimedia! May you achieve all your dreams and goals for this year and the years to come…

11 Ways to a More Stable Freelance Income

Tweet With today’s economy, more and more people are having to find new and inventive ways to either make extra income or to start a new business.  As designers, more and more of us are turning to full time freelancing or considering such a move.  It helps to have a guideline and advice on such