40 Breath Taking Images in Black and White Photography

Tweet The following are 40 Stunning images in black and white photography Photography is a very important part of the graphic design process and it often times starts as the root and base of a design. It is from photography that we often times gain our inspiration and into photography that we often times pour

10 Excellent Places to Find Graphic Design Jobs

Tweet As a designer, one of the best places to find job opportunities are through graphic design job boards.  On youthedesigner.com they compiled an excellent list of 10 sources that we thought were worth sharing..  Good luck and happy hunting!

Designer of the Week: LEANDRO DEMETRIUS

Tweet One of the most important resources to have as a designer is a well of inspiration.We tend to get inspiration from everywhere in life, but one of the best ways to get it is from other designers.  This week we are showcasing the work of noted Graphic Designer Leandro Demetrius, from Sao Paolo, Brazil. 

20 Spectacular Free Stock Photo Sites

Tweet As designers, one of the most  important part of the design process is finding the right images for your project.  The right pictures can literally take your project from average to spectacular, as imagery is often the backbone of any design.  The folks at Psdvibe.com did a wonderful job compiling a list of 20


Tweet Happy New Year from SoulTravelMultimedia! May you achieve all your dreams and goals for this year and the years to come…

11 Ways to a More Stable Freelance Income

Tweet With today’s economy, more and more people are having to find new and inventive ways to either make extra income or to start a new business.  As designers, more and more of us are turning to full time freelancing or considering such a move.  It helps to have a guideline and advice on such

25 More Incredibly Artistic Website Designs

Tweet We here at SoulTravelMultimedia believe there’s nothing more beautiful than an awesomely creative website that is also functional.  Our friends at Vandelay Design Blog do a consistently great job of compiling such lists. And it’s our pleasure to showcase one such list for you. More to come in the future. Enjoy!

30 Incredible Logo Designs Using a Face

Tweet Corsair Our friends from Webdesign Core at WebDesigncore.com, recently did a fascinating article on Logos using the Human Face.  Logos are the most important part to any business as they literally are the face/representative of a company/business.  So we thought that this expertly compiled list was perfect as it demonstrates that notion not only

100 Awesome Free WordPress Themes

Tweet SoulTravelMultimedia is new here at WordPress, and we thought it would be a great idea to show our respect for the wonderful WordPress community by starting off with a bang.  Our first posting displays 100 WordPress Themes personally handpicked from our friends over at Smashing Magazine. WordPress themes are always practical and a great